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Parkour GRAVANTI - To the Inner

Boxed Out

GRAVANTI - To the Inner
I see you have stumbled across my post! Well good for you! Gravanti is a puzzle - parkour map designed to let you reverse the force of gravity. At the start of the map you will be given a gravity globe and some balloons (Which allow double jump and no fall damage). Equip both gadgets and now you will realise that if you press 'W' then gravity will indeed be reversed for you. Before you download it and play it with your friends I would like to say this; It is not a multiplayer map but you can use it in multiplayer because I cannot do anything to stop you.

A set of rules for the wise and not the grim:

1. Do not break any blocks.
2. When you fall, do not move. You must fall in a straight line.
3. You can do whatever you like with the map once you're finished, to finish you must reach Hell.
4. Do not use any starter items.

If you use this on a server then:
1. You must give me credit at the start or end of the game.
2. If it is marked as a "Minigame" then it has got to be named GRAVANTI.
3. I cannot call the police if you disobey any of these rules. I would just like you to do the requested.

[INSERT WORD "Download" here]:


Not to be rude, but I wouldn't call this a parkour or puzzle map. No jumps to make you work at it, no puzzles, just a 30 second fall down a shaft that looks to be made via dynamite then flip gravity (or jump) when appropriate to work through the obvious and non-threatening path. I actually went and watched the video because I thought I had done something wrong. The hardest thing about it is not dying to the mobs that randomly spawn due to no "placed background" when all you have to fight with is a copper shortsword.

Good first try though. :) Keep working on maps, nobody make something stellar for their first one.
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