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WIP Harder Bosses - Something to do after Moon Lord


So, you just defeated the Moon Lord, the final boss of the game, and you got one of the weapons and some luminite to make the end-game armors.
But what now? You could farm Moon Lord for the rest of the items and armors, but that isn't really as challenging. He IS the final boss, so adding whole new bosses for you to use your new gear on at would kinda ruin that. You need something else. Something challenging. Something that will keep you on your toes even with the best gear. Something that adds to the post-moon lord without adding new tiers of equipment or a more final boss. So, I present you...

Harder Bosses

At an Ancient Manipulator, you can use 10 luminite bars and a boss summoning item to make a special summoning item which summons a harder version of the boss, with higher stats and new abilities. I will try to make them be difficult and challenging even for post moon lord, but I'm awful at balance, so if the stats feel too high or low or the abilities are too powerful or something, suggest me something to fix that.
(numbers in brackets are expert mode)
King Slime

Summoning item would look like the current one, but the crown would be similiar colour to luminite.
Tooltip: "The Universe wobbles"

First Phase:
HP: 48,000 (56,000)
Contact Damage: 100 (120)
Defense: 20 (30)

Now, to the new abilities:
In the first phase, the fight is mostly the same. He summons 3 new slimes.
Appreance(Guarslime and Slarcher by DatPedro):|

AI:|Stays behind, casting magic bolts that deal 80 damage.|Rushes to the player, swinging the glaive, dealing 150 damage.|Shoots arrows at the player rapidly, each dealing 50 damage
There will be up to 3 of each of these out at once trying to attack you. Meanwhile, the King Slime will try to jump on the player. Sometimes, he will stop for a second, wobble a bit, jump directly upwards and when he hits the ground, a shockwave projectile, which deals 150 damage, is sent to left and right. If you get hit by it, you can't move for a few seconds. (The debuff could just be the same as stoned but no stone.)
Second Phase
HP: 24,000/48,000 (28,000/56,000)
Once King Slime takes enough damage, he will split and enter second phase. You now have 2 smaller King Slimes, which both have 12,000 HP and deal 80 damage. Once one takes 6,000 damage, it splits again, this time in 2 King Slimes with 3,000 HP which deal 60 damage. Then, once one takes 1,500 damage, it will split once more, this time with 750 HP and 40 damage. If you don't plan it out, you might end up with 32 agile, tiny king slimes with each doing 40 damage to you. So you better be careful.

Eye of Cthulhu

Summoning item would look same, but the veins would be same colour as luminite
Tooltip: "Otherworldy creatures stare at you"
First Phase:
HP: 40,000 (50,000)
Contact Damage: 70 (100) Armor Piercing
Defense: 20 (30)

During this phase, the Eye will be fairly similiar, trying to ram on you. However, he will summon upgraded Servants of Cthulhu, which are kind of like mini almost dead expert mode eye of cthulhus. 200 HP, 30 Armor Piercing Damage and 5 Defense. The Eye will also fire a continous, direct laser, like the Last Prism every few seconds while chasing you. The laser deals 80 damage. Once the Eye turns to the second phase, 5 upgraded Servants of Cthulhu are summoned.
(armor piercing means that the attacks ignore defense. This is so I can lower the damage of things in this phase without making them deal way too low damage if you have very high defense.)
Second Phase:

HP: 20,000/40,000 (25,000/50,000)
Contact Damage: 60 (80) Armor Piercing
Defense: 15 (25)

In this phase, the Eye dashes, as normal. The dashes will go faster the lower he goes on health, and at around halfway through, it will go to the speed of the dashes of expert mode Eye. When it has just a few thousand HP left, it will stop for a second, aim at the player, teleport past the player and leave a trail that does 40 armor piercing damage every time you hit it between the start and the end of the teleport.

Eater of Worlds

Summoning item would look exacly the same.
Tooltip: "You feel the ground tremble..."
HP: 1,000 (1,500) Head 1,500 (2,000) Normal Segments 2,000 (2,500) Tail
Contact Damage: 70 (Head) 50 (Normal Segments and Tail)
Defense: 10 (Head) 20 (Normal Segments and Tail)

The Eater of Worlds will try to rush at you headfirst. If it succeeds, it will grab you and rapidly move around. While you are being devoured by EoW, you take 10 damage per second. To avoid being eaten, you need to destroy the current head. Once that happens, the rest of the body will turn around to some other direction, and you fall down. If this happens while you're inside blocks (assuming you destroy the head while inside blocks), you will be stuck there and get suffocation. If the Eater gets split up, every head has that effect. Every other segment has a chance to cause a new debuff, Corruption, which causes purple blotches to cover parts of the screen for a few seconds.

Brain of Cthulhu

Summoning item would look the same.
Tooltip: "Your mind is shattering."
First Phase:
HP: 40,000 (60,000)
Contact Damage: 70 (100)
Defense: Can't take damage

First phase will be fairly similiar, but the Creepers come from 4 sides, so they dont get instantly rekt by Last Prism/SDMG and Luminite Bullets/Other piercing stuff and they have 1,000 HP each. But, as a potentially way too powerful, potentially harmless, potentially ridiculous effect, the Creepers have a 10% chance to inflict ANY debuff for 5 seconds. I'll let you decice if that's too powerful or too weak.
Second Phase:

HP: 40,000/40,000 (60,000/60,000)
Contact Damage: 50 (70)
Defense: 10

At this phase, the Brain will, as normal, become more agressive. But he ignores knockback, so no more blocking him off with anything that has knockback. He will also be slightly faster. On hit, he has a chance to cause a new debuff, called Mind Images, which makes the screen darken and makes 3 BoCs appear in the screen at random locations.
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Second reserve because this is probably going to be huge. Also, can someone tell me how to fix the missing line in the table?
Edit: Weird, the missing line seems to sometimes exist and sometimes not.


Eye of Cthulhu added. Not completely sure on if it's balanced, so could you say your opinion about it?


I decreassed the damage numbers a bit and made some of the EoC damage ignore armor so that it wont get way too easy with high defense.


I decreassed the damage numbers a bit and made some of the EoC damage ignore armor so that it wont get way too easy with high defense.
Well, i guess it's good. I'll work with Guardslime and Archslime.
Also, archslime sounds like the stronger one, change name?
Maybe to Slarcher?


Emperor Slime sprite for ye.
Man, this gave a lotta work.
Yeah, yeah, a recolor but some edits have been done.
Emperor Slime.PNG Emperor Slime.PNG
Choose the one you want.
We really don't need a hard-hard mode. I think that the game is fine as it is. If you are looking for a challenge, try the expert mode and med core (hint, don't let king slime get you).


Eye of Cthulhu
If you are fighting the Moon Lord in this hard-hard mode,would it be impossible? (Tbh, Plantera is enough to be impossible)


This isn't a hard-hard-mode, it's just stronger versions of bosses you can fight after moon lord.
Also, do the current harder bosses have too low HP or defense? I'm trying to avoid making some be much weaker than others, as they're all the same tier. The hardmode bosses will be slightly stronger, though.


Eye of Cthulhu
So if I farm the Moon Lord just to get Luminite cuz I am using Ranged weapons or other purposes,would it be impossible considering the buffed up Lunar Event.
I'm trying to avoid making some be much weaker than others, as they're all the same tier. The hardmode bosses will be slightly stronger, though.
The same tier as Moon Lord tier or a stronger tier than Moon Lord or slightly weaker than Moon Lord tier?



Official Terrarian
I could make sprites of some summoning items if you'd like. I think that the bosses should have visible differences on them too.
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