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Sprites Hardmode Blazing Wheel Enemies!


Welcome, Terrarians (and other said creatures), to another one of my threads.
The Blazing Wheel. The subject.
This indestructible enemy is one of the least expanded on concept for an enemy, which sucks, because think they're really cool. I love the idea of an invincible trap-like enemy, like the spiky balls in the dungeon. Why not add some Post-Plantera Dungeon variants of the Blazing Wheel?
And so I introduce,
Hardmode Blazing Wheel enemies!

"No Face Monster!! We do not need invincible enemies to add even more dungeon difficulty!!!
Hear me out, hear me out.
The Blazing Wheel does not spawn very often, you only see about two during a dungeon trip. So these will not swarm and instakill you. Secondly, the blazing wheel does not do very much damage, and so neither will these post-plantera counterparts.

The Wheels
Continuing the trend of hardmode dungeon enemies, there will be one counterpart for each type of background wall, Brick/Necromantics, Slab/Raggeds, and Tile/Diablos. They all have the same stats, but inflict different debuffs.
This wheel spawns when the player is in front of Brick Walls. The Necro Wheel appears to be made out of ectoplasm.
it deals 50 80 damage, and is invincible.
has a 50% chance to inflict Cursed
for 2 4 seconds.
234726-f2124cc213f06da173c56ec7ba651701.gif This wheel spawns when the player is in a Slab Wall area. Looks like Spectre Armor.
It deals 50 80 damage and is invincible.
Has a 50% chance to inflict Darkness
for 5 10 seconds.
InfernalSpinner.png This wheel spawns when the player is standing in front of a Tile wall (what else). It flings off a lot of fire particles as well that do not do damage.
It deals 50 80 damage, and you guessed it, it is invincible.
Has a 100% chance to inflict On Fire!
for 10 20 seconds.
Only one Wheel can be on-screen at any given time.

Banners, cuz why not.
These banners will not drop from the enemy itself, because, well, they are invincible. Instead, they will be found in the dungeon upon world generation,with a slightly lower chance than other banners. They do not provide buffs against the wheels.
Banner1.png Banner2.png Banner3.png
Kinda look like the elements.

Well there you go. This was not the suggestion i was planning on, because the draft disappeared. But it is one nonetheless! Did you like my suggestion? Critique is welcome.


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Ehhhhhhh the Dungeon is already hell enough for me with the Hardmode spell-casters... If anything this should be relocated to Expert Mode (or Master Mode, but not like they are adding anything to it...yes I'm still salty :( )
I love the idea and sprties, but as stated the post-Plantera dungeon is already difficult enough and doesn't need more enemies.
Should I nerf the damage and make them rare? Or make them only inflict debuffs in expert?
What about a fourth wheel that CAN be destroyed, but becomes deadlier when destroyed (like making 3 invincible clones that do slightly less damage before despawning after 30 seconds) that way you have to control where you're attacking rather then blindy autofiring down every corridor that exists in the dungeon?

Intel Xeon Ω

The Destroyer
I feel like you should swap around the sprites and debuffs of the Necro Wheel with the Specter Wheel
Cursed is kinda cheesy at the point these thing's are going to show up,so probably change Cursed to a stronger one, maybe something like a better version of Silenced or something
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