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Adventure Hardmode Crash!

Discussion in 'Released' started by Preferred Selection, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Welcome to Hardmode Crash!

    Download Link http://terraria.curseforge.com/maps/hardmode-crash/

    In this map, you take a brand new character through a Terraria adventure... in Hardmode. Don't worry, though; I don't expect you to fend of Pixies and Wraiths with only copper tools. There are a few things different about this map compared to a typical Hardmode world.

    • You start out with 9 NPCs.
    • You've packed the essentials. You may only have 100 health, but with a Cobalt Pickaxe, Magic Mirror, and some decent starter weapons, you have a prayer of a chance.
    • Chest "loot" has been upgraded. Many, many chests have an extra surprise or two in them.
    • Crimson and corruption on one map, along with all five locked biome chests.
    • Easter eggs galore. This map is mostly your typical Hardmode world... because it's meant to be. That said, I couldn't resist putting in a ton of Easter eggs. The surface ones are easy to find, but the underground ones are a bit more tricky.
    The Trailer for the Map




    The rules are pretty simple.
    1. Make a new character
    2. Toss your copper tools
    3. Play the game

    This map is designed for solo play, but easily works with multiple people. It'll just be slower going at the start. The only thing I don't recommend you do is look at the map in tEdit, as doing so will take a lot of the challenge out of the map.

    This map has gone through a few rounds of testing, but with it being a large world, there may still be some things that were missed. If you find something odd, please let me know, and I'll update the map accordingly.


    -Preferred Selection
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2015
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  2. RAinbowsword12

    RAinbowsword12 Terrarian

    Wow this looks pretty cool. Can't wait to try it out! Very Interesting idea too.
    Preferred Selection likes this.
  3. That's probably be a lot easier to do if I'd remembered the download link, I bet!

    Updated the original post. :)
  4. RAinbowsword12

    RAinbowsword12 Terrarian

    Haha, Don't worry I found the link in the video.
  5. Valkyrie Valhalla

    Valkyrie Valhalla Dungeon Spirit

    Any updates about this being ported to 1.3?
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2017
  6. ghostboy1225

    ghostboy1225 Terrarian

    this seems cool i am going to wait till its updated for 1.3
  7. yago2003

    yago2003 Terrarian

    Make this 1.3 plz
  8. ThisIsCrazy

    ThisIsCrazy Eye of Cthulhu

    Easter Eggs ? Interesting... Really Interesting...
  9. miner_dasher

    miner_dasher Terrarian

    maybe this is awesome i better try it out wow
  10. Cohloy

    Cohloy Steampunker

    for some reason i NEED to play this map
    it just seems so cool