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Has this ever happened to u?


Eye of Cthulhu
when ur so close to beating a boss then all ur potion effects got off and u died!

Really! I was fighting the wall of flesh then my obsidian skin potion got off while i was in a lava pool

Dawah !

Well, when I finished Plantera on an expert world I had about 60 HP and a DAMN TURTLE FELL INTO MY HEAD AND KILLED ME GAWDDDDDDDD!NNN?nnnnn!nwnmqn

Derpling Ω

Usually I play a high dps class so this isn't a problem. By the time my buffs run out I've already fallen into a dodging rhythm and finish the fight.
Tl;dr: don't play melee


I always play melee because their armor is the tankiest and I'm a cheapskate who's allergic to the concept of expending ammo. Can't abide the squishiness of the other armor sets. I only need potions for Moon Lord anyway, and dying to him is never a question of running out of buffs, it's just bad luck with the True Eyes.

(Plus, you've got to love Solar Flare armor when you're building. All the enemies that run into you explode and die and you never have to pay attention to them.)

But yeah, if you're fighting WOF and you're relying on obsidian skin potions, you're doing it wrong. It's not that immunity to lava isn't useful during the battle, but it's stupid to fight it without setting up a bridge. The Wall of Flesh speeds up as the fight progresses - if you rely on the natural terrain, you're likely to slam into a helltower that stretches from floor to ceiling sooner or later, and you'll get sucked into the mouth because you don't have the time to mine your way through.
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