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I hope I'm as detailed as I need to be here, but bear with me if I'm missing a few details.

So, I went to play Terraria yesterday, having learned of some of the new items in the Don't Starve Together crossover update that I hadn't seen before, and when I loaded up Steam, it surprised me with some kind of Terraria download -- and when I loaded up the game, all of the players and worlds I had synced to the cloud were now inaccessible. After much tinkering, I was able to extract said players and worlds from the actual physical "remote" folder within the Steam files, and the only thing I lost was a few worlds' worth of map data on some characters overall -- but I'm still having issues with phantom worlds and players on the cloud despite the fact that I pulled everything off the cloud and physically deleted the contents of the "remote" folder multiple times over. I will mention that I've played some of those same players and worlds on another computer aside from my main desktop, and I had no issues with any update between (when I started playing the game) and, at all. I'm wondering if the issue had something to do with or just my computer, and if the former, if anyone else has had issues with this -- and, overall, how I can go about fixing this.

EDIT: Forgot to add that, separately, I have been using tModLoader as well, but this bug happened in vanilla Terraria as of the update.


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This bug is actually one specifically happening ONLY to people using both Terraria and TModloader, it does not impact people who only use Terraria. It is currently being investigated, it is a very complex issue with how Steam handled Cloud Saving.
Yes, I remember reading someone else's post about this below. I guess for the time being, I'll stay off tModLoader until the bug gets resolved. If you/they need more information about it, it happens when I load up tModLoader, then load up vanilla Terraria, even with cloud saving turned off.
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