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Not sure where to report bugs and requests...

Bug: While using the "Bee Keeper" sword... (I have seen this issue before, with other weapons.)
Issue: When you start swinging, in many moments you can't change direction. You become locked facing one way, unable to turn around and swing at other enemies. (If I had to guess, I think the bees are locking you into facing one direction, until they are gone.)
Temporary solution: Stop attacking. A moment later, you will be able to turn the other way and attack what is killing you from behind, which other swords allow you to do instantly by pushing the direction or by moving the mouse to the opposite side. (Neither the A/D key [Left/Right], or mouse-position on the screen, will unlock your direction.)
Expected behavior: Like with other weapons, pushing the keys in the opposite direction or moving your mouse to the other side of the player, should turn your player around to attack what is behind him/her. Instead, they moon-walk backwards and swing at things that are already dead, the way they were previously facing when the bees flew from the sword.

Request: Make chests designated for specific "crafting", with two sides, or simply make the crafting stations an actual "crafting chest". One for armor, one for weapons, one for potions, one for ammo, one for furniture, one for statues and large decorations, one for clothing, one for farming, etc... Naturally, the only items ever allowed in these chests would be materials related to the construction. (They can still require multiple crafting stations to function, or have none, just used as overflow of specific pre-sorted items.)

Extended thought... game-Mods just are not holding water recently. It is time that many of these QOL concepts are just adopted, in the most simple form. Like Magic chests, the concept, not the actual mod. All the "Requested" chests should pull from ANY chest, the materials it needs. Or, you should be providing actual recipes, so we can KNOW what to get, to add to the chest. (Not having the material should NOT be holding-back the display of what can be crafted at these stations. The excuse that there are too many items to craft is a poor one. There are crafting stations that make like 3 items, then others, in overly complex unity, which can craft hundreds of items. That should NEVER have been an issue. A furnace should tell you all it can make and indicate what can't be made. What it makes should be automatically moved into a neighboring storage chest, which would be used by the anvil or the workbench or the advanced workbench, or all three. But, going to each bench should ONLY display what can be made there. Standing near all of them and seeing the whole screen flooded with everything is NOT useful. Not when you have to use 3 chests and figure out what common items are between the things you need, which you honestly only make a few times then never again. Because newer items replace older ones. No-one is making wooden armor after they have molten armor, but wood needs to be in there and if obsidian is needed, which the game doesn't tell you... You will be pulling your teeth trying to figure out why you can't make anything with all the ore you mined from hell!)

Otherwise, it's a great game, still. It's just co-dependent on everyone-else doing hard work, when the easy solution would have just been to make the game tell the user how to create and play. (I still feel that this game, even in that shadow, is a $20.00 game, easily. Still needs some major restructuring to make it progress, so it's not an accidental "OMG, Why did the game just go from easy to damn-near-impossible, after beating the "Wall of flesh"? (Hello, your world is over now... Time to start again... But google before playing the second time and find the missing "user created game info", that the programmers decided NOT to include, or even hint at, and even went to great lengths to hide!)

Last request... Stop flooding the screen, right where we are trying to intricately mine or fight, with a massive puking wall of floating text. I know I picked up a potion, some gold, killed a creature, placed a torch, mined a block... all at once... (Glitchy action-locking still drives me mad!) But now I am blind and I can't see that I destroyed a brick, placed ten torches, then killed five creatures and I am now about to step into a puddle of lava, because the wall of text is right under the player, floating up over everything I am trying to do, before floating away. (Not that it can even be read anyways, it goes so fast it's almost pointless to display in the first place. Still doesn't disappear fast enough and can't be turned-off! Yet, important things are displayed all the way in the far bottom left hand side, nearly silently, and so stealth-casual that by the time you see them, they disappear. Those should be near the center of the screen... Just not splayed over the character or the things we are trying to intricately interact with.)


Hello, i was just wondering how to find the Deerclops. Ive honestly got idea say for the fact you can spawn him in cold climates. :)
You will need to gather materials to craft a deer thing or wait for a natural spawn during a thunderstorm
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