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Hello. I'm a human. I think.


Skeletron Prime
Greetings, anyone who may or may not be reading this thread.
I'm a person. Who exists. Probably. May not by the time anyone reads this. Anyway, enough with the random words coming from my brain, and onto a brief description of who I am.
My real name I was given as a wee babby is [REDACTED], I'm 17 years old, I think I'm [REDACTED], but not too sure, here, lemme check... -looks in pants- Yep, that's [REDACTED].
I reside in [REDACTED] and am from the same place.
I'm a very sarcastic person, so sometimes I even forget I'm using it, apologies if you can't understand it when I type it on a forum.
Most of the time I'm having to use a mobile while using this site, which means I will make typos/autocorrect fails quite commonly.
I play a lot of games. And by that I mean every genre, every developer, etc, etc.
I love indie games, namely Terraria and Binding of Isaac.
My total playtime for Terraria, (my PC time, console, and mobile combined) is 1762 hours. So, I'd say I'm somewhat of a veteran when it comes to Terraria.
For Binding of Isaac, that would be 267 hours. (only started playing it kind of recently, but already it's in my top 5 games.
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Infamous <3 <3 <3
Also greetings Conduit! Thank god you weren't another disgusting human peasant. Welcome to the Forums and normally I'd say welcome to Terraria but you've already played a butt load of that XD


Why look at that..<3...Humans and Fluffy People communicating without the use of Fire or Explosives...such a warming moment makes fluff out in excitement and joy. <3
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