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Adventure help with wiring in a build for my adventure map


i need help with a large amount of wiring for a lighting effect with gemspark blocks in a giant octopus shaped dungeon i'm working on. i don't do a lot of wiring in terraria so it may not be the best set up with what i have done. anyways here is a few screen shots of the build (the screen shots are not updated but really nothing major was changed besides easy access platforms due to the size)

when running a patch of the gemspark will light up and move along the build. what i want to do in this build is make that go all the way to the tips seamlessly if possible but the idea for progressing is to light up points along it which i think can be a simple logic gate line to block the engine's signal till the right switch is flipped. what i'm running into is not only how long its taking to wire it all but things that will make getting that seamless movement down. i will add the most current wld file which i update on another post (please go to the latest reply for most recent world update) that will show you what the lighting effect is and you can change what ever you like if you manage to fix the problem and make it all work i will credit you with helping when the map is done (no telling how long that will be though lol)


I could help… I’m purty good with wiring.
great that would be nice i cant reember what wld file that one is but really not much besides test work for the lighting has been changed, anyways what i have right now is this (S.Shot 49) but the problem is i cant figure out how to make sure it syncs when it needs too. what i need is a way to make the circle turn on in the right order the circles are going to act as a gate that needs to be turned on by a switch but the lighting wont sync up if turned on at the wrong time so what i want is a way to make sure no matter when the player flips the switches to turn on the circles it will sync properly. what i am trying in the screen shot is making the cascade not continue until the gate is switched on but it only works once so if its possible to make the cascade stop at the right spot and sync it would save so much trial and error on my part


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please upload a image of what you figure out so i can implement it. i will of course give you credit when the build is done really just this build has like 5 ppl helped with just the lighting lol but that is what happens when you are ambitious
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