HOIK! [Guide] - Rapid Player/NPC/Etc Transport Using Only Sloped Tiles.

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    Went to test if stopwatch showed velocity during down hoiks and it does. I guess it makes some sense, because there were signs that game considered your character to be falling during downhoiks. What makes less sense to me is that holding portal gun seems to make you hoik down faster. I used hellevator hoik from Hoik_Demo_World0_2.wld and just by eyeballing the time it seemed like without portal gun it takes 4 seconds to go down, and with it takes only 2. I'm guessing you're clipping past some of the hoik teeth when you're falling too fast, and that falling stars autohoiking themselves is part of the same effect(they don't seem to be falling all that fast though, so effect might be observable without portal gun too). Might be an interesting quirk, but I can't think of a use for it, so I probably won't explore it any further.
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    Ok, I have had it. Apparently I am blind and stupid.
    Can't find where it says how to hoik mobs and cannot for the heck of me figure it out alone.
    Some help please?
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    Wouldn't it just be the same way as hoiking players? I mean, assuming the mob in question is player-sized.
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    Tried that. Walks over the stair.
    Tried using it like in the one video of ZeroGravitas (if I wrote the name correct, can I have a cookie ? [end of useless joke]) and that seems to not work on mobs wandering in from the outside and seemingly only on spawned Skeletons. Not good for a pirate map grinder -_-
    Actually it is. I AM stupid! Just spawn and kill. Any enemy can drop a map.
    Still. Mobs from the outside. Do not know how to hoik those.
    Still want to know

    By now I know it. Get the mob into the teeth! Actuator for the win!
    I mean, if you can hoik the Eternia Crystal with that technique, you can get a frickin' fish into it too ^^
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    The download link for the world you have in OP is broken.
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    I tried once making a pattern where I would hoik around in a square formation and be invincible to mobs but I couldn't get it working. Messing with wiring is SOMETIMES fun in Terraria, not when it's night time, though.
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    thanks for this :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
  8. mariovsluigi666

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    Does anyone know how the hoik glitch happens? What in the game's code makes you travel this fast?
  9. PsychoAngel

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    @mariovsluigi666 It was originally an oversight in collision detection. The game detects a player inside a block, and pushes them to the nearest open space. With slopes, sometimes the system gets tricked into pushing a player into a space occupied by a block, creating the chain reaction we know as a hoik. The devs thought about fixing it for a moment, but decided that they wouldn't because everyone loved it.
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    I don't know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but I found that you could also get onto a hoik using a half-block.
    Stand at the bottom, press left and jump, and you will get onto the hoik.
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  11. Al do Rah

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    Hasn't been posted on in a couple of months... But couldn't this be used in place of actuators?
  12. R4ND0M_P3R40N_123

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    Is it possible to do a downwards hoik in mobile? I have tried several combinations, none have worked? Please tell me! This way I don’t have to use a teleported to make hoik loop!
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    It’s possible to make the head of the Golem separate from the body using heart arrows, it’s quite funny, see my video of killing Dungeon Guardian in less than 2 minutes with my ranger account:
  13. R4ND0M_P3R40N_123

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    To do one, you have to make a downwards hoik just tall enough to take one fall damage, which gives you immunity. Have a teleported on the bottom and top, right when you fall down all the way and take fall damage,you teleport back up, have a actuated block on top with a pressure plate connected to it, the actuated block activates(have a pressure plate at the bottom, next to the teleporter activation pressure plate to reactivate the actuator), pushing you into the hoik once again, and you take fall damage again, giving you immunity. Honestly it’s easier to just use Mappy’s slime mount invulnerablity trick, it’s way easier: have two dummies on the floor, have two blocks 4 blocks above the dummies, jump on them, the jump damages the dummies and gives you a 6 tick immunity, do NOT use a piercing weapon at the dummies, that will give the dummies a 11 tick immunity, which cancels out your plan.

    Both these strategies do NOT work on the Moon Lord, he has his own immunity frames, so you’ll have to fight him legit, or get Calamity mod and get the Briny Baron, typhoons for the win!!!
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    No it’s not broken, you need to download the world into your files, then transfer them into your Terraia worlds file, you just simply did it wrong.
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    This is an amazing guide. I'm still trying to get the hang of how to incorporate it into some of my builds. How do you trawl for items without snagging enemies too? I would like to skim items out of a killing area while it's active, like during a pumpkin moon or something similar.
  15. MisterFox

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    Hello guys, if i may ask some help, i discovered hoik not long ago, and i get the gits of it
    but while trying to build small farm zone, i can"t make the hoik work like i want
    i put teleporter everywhere, all that connect to one teleporter, and i want to hoik the monster down to the lava
    i can hoik them away from the teleporter, but i can't get to hoik them down, and keep them here while they burn
    upload_2018-7-2_18-1-10.png upload_2018-7-2_18-1-28.png

    (i also built a small hoik way with teleproter to be always moving, i think the monster spawn more like that, i still get kille by the wraith though)

    if that question is not welcomed here, i'll just take out that post
  16. thejaxster

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    Why not just move the lava up to beside the top teleporter and hoiks(on the right side of the hoik blocks/teleporter)? And maybe get a heart statue on a timer to tie it to the teleporters to activate it. Glad to see people still thinking about hoiks, they are still pretty kool to me.