How do I change the name of my thread?

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    GIRGHGH Plantera

    I aded a stupid in-parenthesis ending and I REALLY can't figure out a way to fix it. I think people are going to overlook if it has a funny looking name that means it's not done. I named it that because I was sill working on it, but I've not for a few days, so it makes no sense. It's ended with (Currently typing like mad) but I'm not AND IT'S REALLY BUGGING ME!!!!!!!
    This is the Help section right?
  2. Mystery

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    If it's been less than an hour, there should be an option here (in thread tools):

    If it's been over an hour, you'll need to report the post and ask a moderator to fix it.
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    GIRGHGH Plantera

    It was about a week. :[ I don't like that system. How do I report it to a moderator?
    I think I may just make a new thread. :|
  4. Loki

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    Just report the OP and ask for the change. It's no big deal. :)

    Do not make another thread, it just clutters things.

    GIRGHGH Plantera

    How do I do THAT? I'm not very good with forum terms.
  6. LoveSpreader

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    On your very first post of the thread, there's a "report" button. Click on that, say why it is being reported. In this case it should be: "Rename request to "Insert new thread title""
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    GIRGHGH Plantera

  8. Loki

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    I desperately need to promote the user guide and make it more visible. It has so much useful info, but too few know about/read it. :(

    (It's in the Community Resources section if you are interested ;) )