Humorous How much I love Axes by Redigit 🪓

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While I did create trees in Terraria, they're really only there for Terrarians to swing their axe at and gather wood. The axe is the first tool most Terrarians use to tame the wilderness and make their first home. Even the pickaxe has axe in its name. And the only good hammers are the hamaxes.

All this to say that everyone should really be on team axe!

I am @Redigit🌳 and this totally wasn't written by @Nike Leon 🪓

Long live the Axe!
Ah oh no!!! Someone abused Redigit's account!!! CALL THE POLICE!!! FIRE DEPARTMENT!!! ARMY!!! AIR FORCE!!! IT TECH SUPPORT!!! ANYONE!!! SAVE Redigit's Account!!!(joke joke)
Bro really got hacked
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