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Other Art How to Create Vanity Sets in Terraria


Duke Fishron

So, I noticed that there was not so much stuff in the terraria community for vanity sets, so I decided to make a thread about how to make vanity sets and some tips, tricks, and cool things I have learned along the way.

Step One
I find it easier to make a vanity set when I have an inspiration, like a dye you did not know existed or a cool picture on the internet. You can always modify what you are making, so there is no harm in inspiration. I would suggest taking requests form others, even though it might not look the best on your first time, it will stretch what you know about making vanity sets and help you improve your skills.

Step Two
Get the base armor that you want, and find a good dye for it. Do not worry if it is all the same color, that will change later. However, if your armor has very contrasting or different colors with the same dye, experiment with some other dye to find the right color. If that does not work, try changing the piece of armor that causes the color contrast. Don't spend to long on this stage, as you can always change what you are wearing.

Step Three
Get some accessorizes that make your character look good, and dye them as well. You don't have to dye them all the same color, but you can do that if it makes your person that looks good. There are over 300 accessories, so I am going to provide the accessories that I think look the best.

Shields: Use of all them, the cobalt shield looks like it has a crack in it, but has better color contrast then the obsidian shield. Use the ankh shield when the obsidian shield and cobalt shield don't work. Use the paladin's shield when you want a bigger shield than all of the others.
Capes and Cloaks: I like to use the star cloak plus the worm scarf to make a cool cape, and the mysterious cape is a good cloak. If you don't have space for another accessory, use Jim's leggings as an alternative.
Wings: I use whatever wing is good for the character, if your character has wings as a very large part of their character, use wings like solar wings that show a lot. If you want to fly but don't want to look like you have wings, use wings like Jim's wings or Yoraiz0r's Spell.
Shoulder Plates and Gloves: Use things band of regeneration, band of mana regeneration, and charm of myths. For gloves, use items like fire gauntlet, mechanical glove, titan glove, feral claws, and power glove.
Shoes: Use lightning boots, spectra boots, hermes boots, flurry boots, and shoe spikes. Miscellaneous: Use cross necklace and star veil to add variation to your chest, use toolbelt and black belt to add stuff to your hip area. Also, silver and x dyes are good with dark colored pieces.

Step Four
Finalize your character. Make some final tweaks, like removing the helmet or changing the cobalt shield with the ankh shield. Then you're good to go!



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Official Terrarian
I approve.

On another note, you can add that x and silver dyes are useful on dark colored pieces, such as the ninja gear or titanium armor.


where are the other ones i mainly wanted elder maxson or preston garvey sorry if i sound rude


Split the 3rd part to paragraphs. It's hard to read.
Another tip: Jim's set also give you a cape. You can use it with wings without the cape disappearing.
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