How To Get The "Like A Boss" Achievement

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    In this guide I will be showing you how to get the "Like a boss" achievement. To get the achievement you need a boss summoning item, such as the Suspicious Looking Eye.

    1. Suspicious Looking Eye
    2. Cursed Stuffing
    3. Slime Crown
    4. Suspicious Looking Egg

    Suspicious Looking Eye:

    The Suspicious Looking Eye is probably the easiest boss summon to get, so I will explain how to get it first. First, when the player spawns, start by chopping down some trees. Build a basic shelter, then craft wooden armor and sword. Wait until night, and when the moon rises, demon eyes will appear. Using your sword, kill the eyes and get 6 lens. After that, go to the underground to find a demon/crimson altar. At the altar, open your crafting menu and craft a Suspicious Looking Eye.

    Cursed Stuffing:

    If the player has started the game in the Thanksgiving seasonal event, then the Cursed Stuffing is arguably the easiest to get, since it drops from all enemies by a 14.29% chance. In other words, it drops by a 1/7 chance. Let's get to the point, now. So first, begin by chopping trees, crafting wooden gear, and building basic shelter like in the Suspicious Looking Eye Section. Go ahead and start killing a bunch of slimes, and soon you'll be getting the boss summon you want.

    Slime Crown:

    The Slime Crown requires a lot of killing slimes and mining ore, so it is harder than getting the Suspicious Looking Eye, Cursed Stuffing, or even Abeemination and Worm Food. Thus, if all you want is the achievement, it is recommended to read the Suspicious Looking Eye Section instead. If you would still rather get the slime crown, well, here we go. First, craft wooden gear and build a shelter, and go straight to the underground. This is where you will be spending time until the slime crown is received. In the underground, keep mining until you get a decent amount of gold/platinum. You also need 1 ruby. Anyways, if you get 20 (120 in Mobile and 3DS) gold/platinum ore, make a furnace out of stones and smelt them into bars. Then start mining iron and make an anvil. At the anvil, craft 1 gold/platinum crown. Once you get the crown, it's time to start a slime massacre!:naughty::bslime::yslime: Continue the genocide until you get at least 20 gel(99 in Old-gen Console, Mobile, and 3DS). Find a demon/crimson altar and craft a Slime Crown. Done!

    Suspicious Looking Egg:

    If you started playing Terraria during Easter, the Suspicious Looking Egg might be the easiest boss summoning item to get. Suspicious Looking Eggs drop from diseaster bunnies. However, diseaster bunnies are quite powerful, so beware. First, start by building basic shelter. Then make a furnace out of 10 stone blocks. After that, mine iron and and make an anvil. Using the anvil, craft iron armor and sword or better. You might as well get some heart crystals, since it'll be tough to fight against diseaster bunnies, who deals 20 damage, when you only have 100 HP. When you have completed these tasks, go kill a diseaster bunny! It will drop a Suspicious Looking Egg 100%.
  2. Like a Boss is only a PC achievenent, you cannot obtain it on mobile
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    How is this a guide to get the achievement? You need to defeat all 14 bosses, not just the 4 easiest.
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    According to the Terraria wikipedia, to obtain the Like a Boss achievement, you just need to obtain a boss summoning item.
    Slayer of Worlds is the murder-every-boss-ruthlessly achievement.
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    Oh yeah. So sorry!
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    Like what Th3K1ll3rOfSk3l3tron said, the achievement is only available for PC, so listing that is effectively pointless - you should probably also mention that the Suspicious Looking Egg is a mobile-only item, as to not confuse new users as to why they are unable to obtain it, or find any of the mobs listed.
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    Being a mobile player, I know that there are achievements on the mobile version. If you are on an Apple device, sign in to Game Center on your iPad or iPhone or iPod. Your achievements will be viewable on Game Center