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Other Art How to make a shoulder dance


On this thread, I'm going to help you make your own shoulder dance avatars!
something like these :


There are 12 frames for the whole animation.
which is ... 3 for middle->left, 3 for left->middle, 3 for middle->right, 3 for right->middle

...and the exciting part is that you can make this by drawing only 3 drawings! yay~

one.jpg two.jpg three.jpg
okay. draw a picture for each of these poses.
then reuse it for the right part with an inverted version of the drawing! so, it goes like this :
one.jpg two.jpg three.jpg three.jpg two.jpg one.jpg one-inverted.jpg two-inverted.jpg three-inverted.jpg three-inverted.jpg two-inverted.jpg one-inverted.jpg

If you cook up these 12 pictures into a gif, bam! You have yourself a shoulder dancer.
Good luck~~


*copies the pose examples and uses them for an avatar*

Looks like a good guide. I'm not one for avatar trends, however. :c


King Slime
wait a sec...only three different sprites? >_>
I thought I had to make all the 12 seperate, or at least 6...

Might think again making this.
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