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How was your experience with Hardcore on Master Mode?


I am not a complete noob, but I am not also an experienced player, more like a casual. Nevertheless I tried to play a little with a Hardcore character on a Master Mode World. I suppose its the hardest thing on Terraria. So I would like to ask you what do you feel about playing on such mode (or a similar one, like Expert Mode with Hardcore for example).

So far, in the little time I used to play in Hard+Master, I created a character with a name starting by letter "A" (like Alphonso, Arthur, etc), so if he dies, the next character on that world will start with a B, and so on lol, so I will see wich letter I will reach.

Next thing about the feeling, its that things are VERY hard! Life on Terraria its almost impossible lol, and reaching something like killing Eye of Ctulhu seems far, far away...
Also, there is something cozy about in this playing style, because you must protect yourself more and be really really careful and really learn to play. Its not Journey mode (by the way, my first experience with Terraria was before the invention of Journey), where you can be lazy and jump lots of things and cheat sometimes. You build a house and then you feel the powerful world around you...even a damn blue or green slime is like a miniboss!

So, what you have to say about playing in hardcore charact+mastermode?

Thanks for sharing.


Hardcore Master Mode was insane. When I first updated my game through Steam, I started to chill in the world and saw a ghost chasing me while I was chopping down trees. I managed to get to Plantera though, but for me that was the end.


I died in the 2nd night. It was my record. The fact is that immediately after spawning in the world I set off to explore the entire right side without taking it serious, no doubt about the success of my decision...


l started a new character on master mode and it felt fine for me. Nothing frustrating or annoying, but l like it that's it's something more newer to start out with. I was getting bored of my other worlds and it felt nice to start master mode from beginning.
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