Pixel Art Hun-sprited, hehehe.


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This might be odd criticism but I think the first one looks better... It seems less congested and dark. More appealing to the eyes and feels like it would be more pleasant to walk through.
Oh hey, there, Bisharp. You used to frequent this thread before. What do you think of the new style I got into?
Also, let's be honest, the first one lacks a bit in shading and contrast and proper dimensions. Also, the trees look less full and the sky is boring.
I quite disagree with you by the way, because of the shading it now looks like you are walking into the light, instead of just in the light, a much nicer (metaphorical) walk in my opinion.
Also, I'm thinking about sort of re-opening suggestions, but only if I find them inspirational. (So you might wanna, you know... :naughty:)


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I've always been around, I guess I just don't have the same care for TCF as I used to. Summer 2015 I spent way too much time on here and I've been drifting away ever since.

But I digress. I'm not a pixel critic, I only find the first one working more out of a "less is more" approach, haha. I don't really have a clue when it comes to differing sprite styles, it all looks much better than I could ever do.


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I guess it's kinda been the same for me, I came back here to dump my pixel art as a kind of online backup and because I thought some people might still like to see it.
Not really active with Terraria anymore either (although revisiting this forum makes me want to get into it again :O).


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Behold, Muscaria!
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