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Hybrid World

Do I have to update this modification, or create the next, third mod?

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Desktop Screenshot 2020.12.08 -

Have a nice day, everybody! This is my second project, I hope you all enjoy it.

It does not add much, but still something.

Anyway, here is a list of content:

171 items
22 NPCs
5 bosses
5 tiles
27 (de)buffs
1 rideable mount.

I hope you like it, have a nice game, good luck.

Desktop Screenshot 2020.12.08 -


Skeletron Prime
Really nice mod mate! If you're accepting Ideas for weapons, accessories n all, I have a few. xD

Keep up your good work! :)
Well, that's some unholy vanilla sprite amalgamations if I've ever seen them.
We all know the sprite struggle sadly and use what can get.


I just want to give some advice on the debuffs you added. DON'T! Like seriously, DON'T MAKE COMPLETELY NEW DEBUFFS THAT HAVE THE SAME NAME AS VANILLA ONES BUT ARE DIFFERENT! Slimed can be the Snot debuff, Bleeding could be the actual Bleed debuff[in all honestly the metal Zombies, for the point they spawn, are incredibly strong due to their insane knockback resistance and that debuff lasting 15 seconds!]I had to remove the mod from a playthrough just because the enemies were causing irritating debuffs constantly and none of the items are reasonably available early on in a playthrough. It's still a cool concept, could just use some balance tweaks[which weapon pack also needs, but I can talk about that there]
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