I just cannot defeat Duke Fishron: He needs serious nerfing

Made an account just for this thread, even though the OP beat him. I also recently beat him without the need for Moon Lord level gear.

Anyway, my buff, potion, gear, and weapon setup that took him down was:

A) Sharpening Stone Click buff, Bewitching Table Buff Click buff
B) Iron Skin, Swiftness, and Regeneration potions.
C) Beetle Shell Armor
D) Frozen Turtle Shield, Star Veil, Ankh Shield, Beetle Wings, and Frostspark Boots (Mix between Armored +3 & Warding +4 Def)
D) Possessed Hatchet (Godly) (or any homing weapon)
E) Deadly Sphere Staff (Deadly Sphere Minion x2, thanks to Bewitching Buff)

My defense for the fight was over 100.
My world size is small.
My arena is the entire length of the ocean biome, consists of 2 wooden platform levels, 10 vertical blocks apart, scattered camp fires, and 2 heart statues on a 1-second timer.

Taking damage from him is inevitable, but with such good mitigation the above should keep you alive as long as you move in a V or W pattern.
i recommend making a big minecart loop(NOT leaving the ocean biome) and going through it as fast as possible while spamming vampire knives, posessed hatchet, or some other weapon that requires little aiming. it worked for me.
Congrats on taking down duke fishron :) iirc, I had Spectre armor (hood) and Nebula Arcanum. Now that I think about it, I beat him with post-ML (not actually, couldn't beat moonlord that time :v. Just got the fragments) stuff. I think I should try killing him with pre-ML things.

Anyway, as for the Truffle Worms, you may want to check this guide out. Really useful, I got around 20-30 worms within a Terraria day cycle (was waiting the solar eclipse out. Too lazy to do it that time). Instead of flame traps (I have a hard time getting them, and I am not comfortable with the idea of creating multiple worlds and just deleting them once I've taken the flame trap/s in that world) I placed in some spear traps. Those jungle bats get on my nerves tho.
Just get a Master Ninja Gear/Tabi duh. They save lifes.

And try to get Beetle armor and use it's shell (the one with more defense).

Suggestively, use Possessed Hatchet, they home, so it's easier to hit Fishy.

To be honest, the main threat of his second form is just the Cthulhunadoes. It's very easy to dodge his dashes with Master Ninja Gear, killed him once with only turtle armor.

Or, an easier way, just switch to a mage, get the Spectre armor with the hood, get Magic/Celestial cuffs with the razorpine and fire away!
Fishron? finding truffle worms is harder than fishron:
The best class to use against fishron is ranged, use a megashark or better (chlorophyte/ichor bullets are perfect choices, chlorophyte bullets home in on fishron & ichor bullets reduce his defense, you can switch between both for greater effectiveness)
What do you need:
At least chlorophyte armor
Lightning/Frostspark boots are mandatory
Neptune's shell if you ever fell underwater
Master ninja gear for extra mobility
The best wings available to you
Water walking boots if you didn't make an arena above the ocean
frozen turtle shell in case you're about to die
ankh shield to make feral bite not cause the other debuffs+knockback immunity
the strategy
Place down asphalt blocks above the sea (and the nurse if you want full heal)
Switch to your weapon and start running away as soon as fishron is summoned, he'll chain dash, the best way to deal with this is to outrun him, then he'll summon a few bubbles and a razorblade that summons sharknadoes, use inferno potions against the bubbles, they destroy them, after he reaches his second phase, he becomes even faster and aggressive, instead of sharknadoes, he'll perform CTHULHUNADOES, even larger version of sharknadoes, try to stay away from fishron
Expert mode: after he gets below 8500 hp, it starts to get foggy, fishron will no longer use his projectiles, instead, he'll keep teleporting, trying to lunge at you, a way to tell where fishron is is by seeing his glowing eyes or by using the minimap
Not intentionally, but I ended up beating him post Moon Lord (post several Moon Lords, actually). With Solar Wings and the S.D.M.G. loaded with chlorophyte bullets, he was pretty easy. Didn't even bother setting up my usual arena goodies with a heart lamp, campfire, honey pit, etc. Just... Went and killed him. I think the Solar Wings are what really clenched it, more even than the S.D.M.G. Their mobility is just SO good. Could see using a gravitation potion too (or an asphalt track), with your gun of choice (super shotgun maybe?) and chlorophyte bullets for the homing.
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