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my 5-year-old player file was changed to open with notepad by me (misclick) and now its compromised
Screenshot (119).png
how do I change it back? I tried going into Regedit


Skeletron Prime
As long as you don't try to edit or save the file using notepad, you shouldn't have a problem with the save working in Terraria. You've told Windows that you want it to open *.plr files using notepad, but Terraria itself pays no attention to that and opens the file itself normally.

You can undo it using regedit, but unless you are very sure of what you're doing, you can do more harm than good. If the game and character still works I would probably just leave it be.


As others said, Terraria should be able to still run it fine.
Did this work for you?

Meanwhile, in the future, you can change the opening program for a filetype by right-clicking the file, selecting Properties, then under "Opens with:" you can select the program you want. (At least, that's the case in Windows 8.1. I HOPE they still have something like that in Windows 10 if you're on that.)
Open With file 2.PNG

I don't know how to change it back to nothing, like .plr files seem to default as... but like they said, just don't open or mess with it, and games will still run them just fine, since it asks them through a special channel, rather than through Windows instructions. The "Opens with" designation is only a File-to-Windows-to-User bridge, not a Game-to-File/File-to-Game bridge.
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