Issue with Fargo's Soul mod lag


I'm currently playing fargo's soul mod in masochist mode with my friend. I have found an issue where some projectiles will heavily lag my game (down to 1 fps). This makes it literally unplayable and I want fix it so I can use more items.

For example, the agitating lens makes demon scythes behind the player when they are running. I think this is a good item and would help during boss fights, but it's projectile lags the game. For my friend, it works fine but lags my game if he uses it.

mod list

fargos souls
shop expander
fargos mutant mod
craftable strange dyes
which mod is this from
boss cursor
vein miner
reduced grinding
wing slot
shorter respawn time
recipe browser
where’s my items
full HP resapwn
boss hp bar
boss checklist
boss highlights
alchemist NPC
cellphone is wormhole
mask shop
luminite npc
no duping

any ideas on why this happens, or how to fix it?
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go in Fargo's soul mod config and turn off the pearlwood enchantment, it spawns stars which multiply too much for the terraria client to handle for like no damage
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