It appears that my game is corrupted. (I tried everything)


I have asked 2 times via steam discussions but no one took it seriously so I ask for a third time on the terraria forum.

Yesterday, when I died or tried to save the game in any way, it just crashes. Moving characters to the cloud also crashes the game.

This is the error message:
I tried everything it suggested me to do. I tried to allow terraria on windows defender, I tried to scan for viruses, I tried to verify integrity of game files on steam but NOTHING worked.
Today I tried it again. And I have noticed that my game no longer crashes when I die. However, it STILL crashes when I put my characters on my cloud or remove them.
I even tried to deinstall the game and install it again but IT DOESN'T CHANGE ANYTHING! so I went to the local files and deleted everything in the folder and installed terraria again. The problem is still here and it appears that I can't do anything at all. I tried to restart my computer but that also didn't work. I am starting to lose my sanity.

Oh and the error message is always the same.


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This is definitely a tough nut to crack, that's for sure...
Perhaps you did something ingame that bugged out your pc and started all of this?
This is the classic Windows 11 storage restriction being in effect, a fix for which is not really available. There isn't much documentation on this matter, but it seems like starting with Windows 11 programs no longer have access to most of the paths on a computer by default and need to specifically request it in different ways depending on the location. You could try searching the system or application settings in windows for any option that could be related to allowing Terraria to access your Documents directory.
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