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Adventure Koparista-A Large Terraria Adventure

Helvet 2

Hi Terrarians!

I'm Helvet and im building a large Advenuremap named Koparista for a long time (15 month).
the map is 75% finnished but now i asking to myself......is there a interest for a new adventuremap?

The City Koparista

Jungle hole

Start of the Green Forest

Commandcenter of Coldenstadt

Entry to the Thundermountain

1st "Mech" Boss "C.Y.R.E.S The Virus" is finished! its a lategame Boss in Coldenstadt!
(Needs 200 Hits to defeated an has multiple defens mechanisms)

I Hope you enjoy and i hope there are people they are interestet.

Greetings Helvet :)
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Hi Guys

Here is what i don so far...
im sorry its in GERMAN and i dont have time to translate it in englisch
i hope someone enjoy it




  • Koparista.wld
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