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Lamppost V.1


In-Game Creations Category
General Builds
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  1. General Builds
  2. Wire/Mechanical Builds
I was wondering what if devs would include AI in Terraria. Immediately came to my head though of super hard to defeat monsters, learning from the player's recent behavior... But then I came up with another idea what if we used AI for building (which is much closer idea, to me personally). Seems even someone has already done something like that ;) Therefore, in addition to the usual photo of the last construction that I've made, I also added a photo improved by AI (artificial intelligence). Also this time I present the project of an ordinary lamp. I made over 30 of them on my map (the improved version it'll probably be published soon).
PS. Of course you can copy my lamppost idea to your world :)
Regards `;)


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