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last things i would like in terraria


i know the next terraria update wont be a content update but these are just the only things a really want from one of my fav games

1. an achivement for the bestairy 100% i think this would be a nice achivemnt to the game and i am an achivemnt hunter. this achivemnt would be obtained if you get 100% on the bestairy or for people who alredy have 100% it you just have to buy the universal pylon i think that would be easier to code in i guess idk how games work. btw im not a good pixel artist but the picture is what i think it would look good roughly i know there artsist can do way better then me

2. evil pylons so a corrupt pylon and a crimson pylon they would be obtained from the dryad. if she is happy enough to sell a pylon alredy she would sell the world natrual evil biome during a blood moon in order to get the other evil it would have to be during a blood moon in a grave yard they would prob cost a lil bit more then normal pylons

also i gotta say i did not make the pylon sprites credit goes to
Amaro_Lunático and hears the link to his fourm post Sprites - The Evil Pylons

they looked really good and exactly how i imagend them

thats what i really want but hear are some optinal things

1. an achivemnt for crafting the nights edge. this one looks a little better but there artist can still do way better

2. when a pylon cant be used cause of a threat the crystal should stop spinning and the crystal shards should just float there cause they would be broken. the crystal should not be broken when not being usable cause its not in the right biome or not enough villagers near by it will only be broken during threats

please get the devs or someone at re-logiv to see this and consider the top 2 entries i love this game i almost have 1000 hours in it. thank you to you if you read this and if the devs added this i would be so thankful thank you for making one of my fav games


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i forgot to mention the evil pylons should be hardmode items also i made some mistakes with my terrible typing skills and misspelled alot of things im sorry
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