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hey eveyone been seraching around for a wave bank for 1.3 fetureing legend of zelda music and no one has got around to making one yet so i went ahead and made one for all of us legend of zelda fans ^.^
track list
1 Night - Title Theme
2 Eerie - Fire Temple
3 Overworld Day - Hyrule Field (Main Theme)
4 Boss 1 - Middle Boss Battle (LoZ OoT)
5 Title (Main Menu) - Great Fairy's Fountain
6 Jungle - Forest Temple
7 Corruption - Ganon's Castle Underground
8 Hallow - Sheik's Theme
9 Underground Corruption - Shadow Temple
10 Underground Hallow - Chamber of Sages
11 Boss 2 - Escape from Ganon's Castle
12 Underground - Dodongo's Cavern
13 Boss 3 - Dinosaur Boss Battle
14 Snow - Ice Cavern
15 Space - Temple of Time
16 Crimson - Kotake & Koume's Theme
17 Boss 4 - Boss Battle
18 Overworld Day Alt. - Kokiri Forest
19 Rain - Windmill Hut
20 Ice - Water Temple
21 Desert - Gerudo Valley
22 Ocean - Zora's Domain
23 Dungeon - Inside Ganon's Castle
24 Plantera - Ganondorf Battle
25 Boss 5 - Battle
26 Temple (Lizahrd) - Spirit Temple
27 Solar Eclipse - Deku Tree
28 Rain SFX x
29 Mushrooms - Lost Woods
30 Pumpkin Boss - Last Battle
31 Underground Alt. - Inside the Deku Tree
32 Frost Moon - [c] Last Battle
33 Underground Crimson - Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
34 Lunar Event - To The Moon LoZMM
35 Pirate Invasion - Gerudo Desert
36 Underworld - Dungeon Theme LoZ Nes
37 Martian Madness - Romani Ranch Alien Attack LoZ MM
38 Final Boss - Final Battle Against Ganon (normal version)
39. Goblin Invasion - Middle Boss Battle LoZ MM

https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ah4lws98pbjt7t/Wave Bank.xwb?dl=0

last but not least enjoy the music
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You should rename the wavebank as Wave Bank, not Legend of Zelda, people might not realize that it's name dependent and end up not downloading this.
Hmm... I'm on a mac, and I did find the right place to install, but when I try to run the game, I have no sound. Thoughts?
Hm, I wish I could help, but I've no idea on Mac, hopefully someone who is using custom wavebanks on mac on here passes by and drops a few words.
Apologies, Koali.
Shall I provide more details?

I think this problem occurs on Windows, as well. When I start the game, there is no sound, and when I check the options menu, the Music slider is at zero. It also resets to zero whenever I move it. Sound effects slider and ambient slider are both at their normal values, but there is still no sound.

Funnily enough, whenever I change back to normal music, everything works fine.
How odd, it does happen, but it's never too persistent.
One thing I could think of is that it's named incorrectly.
Another is that there's a problem with the wavebank itself, since there is a chance the wavebank building process can end up doing something funny, resulting it in not working.
Or maybe it lacks the right amount of tracks, but there is very much 39 tracks, as the thread stated.
Both the original wavebank and the Zelda wavebank are name Wave Bank.xwb

If it changes anything, I am running on Steam.
The only thing I could think of then is that there's a problem with the wavebank itself.
Try giving it another download, if that's not too bothersome, otherwise, I have no idea.
The user hosting this wavebank has been idle for a very long time, so I'm not sure how high the chances are for the person to come back.
Rain SFX tends to be left empty when listed, since it's just the normal terraria SFX.
Well, if you still can't get anything, I'm afraid there's a fault in the wavebank itself, and I'm not sure if the hoster of the wavebank is coming back.
My greatest apologies that I can't help you further, I post the greatest amount of wavebanks and yet I couldn't help still. :(
I'll try one of your wavebanks to see if they work. If they do, I'll know it's the Zelda wavebank that's causing the problem.
Maybe it's something with the Mac itself.
My greatest apologies, Koali, I hope this is resolved in the future in some way.
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