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Skeletron Prime
Well, my point of this is really to find a hobby. My Literature teacher said i'm really good at poetry. Lets see how I do!

Developing Views.
He is stranded in the wasteland
Of many different artifacts and materials.
Oceans surround the mainland.
The monsters roaming his place of shelter are too real.
It drives him insane,
But might keep him in the game.
Lords question whether he is sane,
But they always fall after he aims.
Makes him stronger
It doesn't seem to cause any decay.
They never realized what he longed,
He felt their presence after the light of day,
He wanted to make his world how he imagined.

He molded the world how he wanted it.
Stopped the intruders with more chaos.
Felt the world was better without
All his Swords of Chaos.
He sent his men into the field,
Only to be vanquished by the one.
Truly he saw the world as a battlefield,
For blood to be shed of everyone.
He visioned for world destruction,
What drove him?
The troops failed their given instructions,
And the time has come for him,
To challenge his past self.

I hope you liked it! It took me about an hour to type this up, but this is my first one about Terraria, I might get better! Can you find hidden meanings, hints, and foreshadowing? Maybe deep comparisons to the game itself?
Think On Your Feet
A hill rises in the distance.
Reaching it without that lance,
Is impossible.
Flags surround the fortress.
We clearly have less,
I just can't move on.
Cannonfire erupts from the top.
Matching their ability would take a lot,
The thought of them scared me.
Could we beat a team like that?
No, we are last.
-50 XP. Total: 0
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