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King Slime



King Slime
Can I request a whole armor and weapon set which is all made out of this?:
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I'd like to request this guy: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/art-request-megathread.4222/page-5#post-825951 if it's okay. Just some pixel art of him would do. :)
Do you think you could do it?
Okay working on those! I may need to close requests tho because I don't wanna be in an ocean of requests (First time using this).


Dungeon Spirit
A good idea, if you don't want to get swamped by requests, is to announce a limit (e.g.: two requests at a time). Then, close your requests, and work on only two. If anyone requests inbetween, you don't have to take it :p or you can ask them to request again, working in a first come/ first serve manner!
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