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I would like to request my avatar without the solar shield, wielding Influx Waver in the right arm and Terra Blade in the left. For better detail, armor and greaves are the Frost ones dyed to black. Most likely Digital Art, although I accept another styles.



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Not sure how often these are accepted, but here's my request. It shall remain Open indefinitely, as I like to see multiple versions.

My OC, the Butcher. Here's a pic for ref:

Tall and lanky; but muscled, his coat is a faded red and ends right below the knees, hair is long, filthy, and obscures most of his face but his one big yellow eye and wide, crazy smile. He wields two nasty looking butcher knives. All of his clothing is worn and tattered, and his eye is circular, large, has no whites, and has many randomly placed and sized pupils scattered across it. The eye should also be bright and glowing, in contrast to the dark faded colors of the rest of him. If you want to take this request, and/or need more details, shoot me a PM.

Thanks in advance!
OPEN Always this is My character. Me and my friend have created drawings of our own characters and having recently discovered the terraria forums I want to see the forums interpretation. I have pictures of my inventory and character. You can do anything you want but I suggest with some of my favorite weapons. To be honest you don't really have to follow.BUT it has to have Ravens and Landmines. Any style is fine I only want to see what you guys think. Honestly I'd be thankful just to get a reply


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I'd like to request a red slime with a grey helmet and a glaive and a green slime with a green cap and a bow for my WIP suggestion (the lower link in signature). This request is open until I get sprites for them.
Hello, could someone please help me, I would love you if you made me a profile picture, Maybe a kiss, Here is my idea
Merlin/Emrys, like my current profile picture, But with a blue coat, And drawn, :) :)
Status: Open
A pixel art peanut, like mine, but sitting up and with a party hat, confetti flying, and a party horn being blown into, but with no face on the peanut.
Wow, this is a great Idea! Great for when i'm bored, so i can just do random art requests

I guess i'll make an request. My character Sun (can't find picture)
Black haired male, Guide hairstyle with a wood chestplate, hermes boots, and a gold sword
Open forever

I would like to see art of my OC Nix the Vampire Queen any style will do she wield vamp knives, life drain, and a death sickle the rest is up to you

Request info: I'd like to request my character Wanderer (Secretly known as: Andromeda).
Reference material:
In-game. (Without hat.)
Details: His equipment are as follows:
Cowboy clothes (Nebula Dye, without the dye is fine as well.)
Steampunk Googles. (Prefer to have it worn around the neck or on his forehead, not actually worn.)
Mysterious Cape. (Nebula Dye...)
Frostspark Boots. (Purple and Black, without the boots is fine as well.)
Ankh Shield. (Shifting Pearlsands Dye, without the shield or dye is fine as well.)
Diamond Ring. (Except the Diamond is dyed with Bright Blue.)
Master Ninja Gear. (Nebula Dye, but I prefer it not shown, or instead, hidden well.)
Nebula Mantle. (Twilight Dye.)
Fire Gauntlets. ( Bright Pink Dye, without the gloves or dye is fine as well.)
Possible wielded weapons would be: Daybreak, Nebula Blaze, Phantasm, Stardust Dragon summoned, Lunar Flare. (Not required, but I would like to see the Nebula Blaze present on his Left Hand, otherwise it's fine.
Hair: Hairstyle 56.
Is male.
Not shown in that art reference, I wish for Wanderer to have more feminine features, such as more drawn out eyelashes, slight mascara, brighter/detailed lips in this color if possible.
Status: Open until taken up.
No real specific posing.
No specific art style.
Thank you.
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Could somebody made a drawn version of my Terraria character for a profile pic? Maybe in an animish style with colour, please.

Status: Open

So I'm looking for someone to sprite some items from my throwing class suggestion thread. You can find it here:

Since there are so many I won't ask for one person to do everything, rather you can choose which ones you'd like to do as long as they haven't been done yet. Message me before you start, though, just in case I don't add the finished sprites to the thread fast enough. The item names and stats should give you a pretty good idea of what I'm looking for, and as long as you stay within that you can have as much freedom as you want, but if you'd like more direction then you can message me and I'll give you some.

This request is: OPEN. Since this'll probably take multiple people, I'll leave this open until the entire request has been filled. Like I said, make sure you message me first so there isn't any confusion.

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it!
Status: OPEN
Type: Spriting
Can someone sprite me a multicoloured staff, please? Perhaps the name will help. Can someone sprite me the Staff of Glory?
This request will always be open
A boy charachter in shadow armor throwing rotten eggs at all the girl npcs. (Dryad,Nurse,Mechanic,Steampunker,Party Girl and Stylist)
Also a boy character in gold armor stabbing the Mechanic in the gut. Have some of the girls already dead and some injured and with blood on the ground next to the dead ones. Besides this, I don't care how its done.But do make it realistic. Plz.
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Hmm, my Summoner is quite a simple looking guy. I can draw him somewhat easily, but I want to see what someone else's perspective is since I can only seem to use the Gradient tool. He wears a Reaper Robe and a Pygmy Necklace... and he's made of rainbow slime. Somewhere under that robe are Creeper legs. He has rainbow Stardust Wings... I think he likes rainbows. He also loves all his adorable little friends.
This is Open.
Hi, I'd like a banner that looks like this:
but with a Typholsion like my profile picture's in a pose like this:http://
in the middle, and the word "Support" above. A 16-bit style is preferred, thank you! Status: Open
[Forever open request!]
I want basically artworks/pixel arts/drawings etc. of my OC - Miniek. (I got my forum nick after him.) Here he is:

He has these wings, sword and armor:


Check this spoiler for more info. I highly recommend doing so:

Miniek wears a hood on his head. His face can not be seen, expect for his four, blood red, glowing demonic eyes.

[By @Charon]
He has never showed his face, and never will.
The eyes also have a special ability. They glow depending on the wrath of Miniek. The more enraged he is, the more the eyes glow.

Miniek wears heavy plate armor (and partially chain), but ocasionally, he can wear a robe too (on the armor).

[Made by @Pepsi]
Ocasionally, he also has different symbols/misc on his armor, for example pentagrams, skulls or red crystals.
The awesome artwork by Pepsi above, is a good example on how the armor could look.

Miniek has three main weapons. His sword, his dagger and black magic. I will explain every one of them here:

The Skullcrusher (Sword)
The Skullcrusher is a sword with a soul. This means it can read the bearer's emotions.
  • When the bearer feels fear, the Skullcrusher is ignited with purple fire.
  • When the bearer feels wrath, the Skullcrusher is ignited with red fire.
  • When the bearer is determined, the Skullcrusher starts to glow, and becomes extremely powerful.

[Skullcrusher sprite by @Charon, awesome realistic artwork by @Esreadel]

The Warlock's Dagger
It may seem small, but this one is deadly. You can not only throw it like a boomerang, but also you can swing it, and it shoots a projectile. The projectile it shoots is made out of red fire.

[From right: Projectile, the Walock's Dagger. Sprites by @Charon]

Black Magic
Miniek can also use black magic. This means, he can for example shoot red and purple fireballs from the palm of his hand. I think that explanation is enough. :p
He can also shoot for example flaming skulls.

[By @Hello the Terrarian]

[By @Pony Yu II]

Miniek's wings look like demon wings, but a bit bigger, flaming with red fire, and have the same color as Miniek's other gear.

[Wings sprite by @Charon, artwork by @Darkest Gaia]
This is a good reference, where the wings are nicely visible.

For reference images, you can check out in my signature -- Art made for me by nice people, althrough I haven't updated it in a long time now.

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Greetings! I am here, as is everyone else, to request an art!

I would like it to be digital, but if you want to fulfill this humble request but are incapable of that, then anything's alright!

For now, this is
OPEN! Probably will be until I have a piece or two.

Now, for the actual request:

I would like to request Rose Humble, aka Beta.
She wears a slightly tattered and dirty black tanktop, under a black leather vest. Her arms are covered in a single, extensive black tattoo resembling a thorny vine with the occasional rose on it, and she wears black work gloves. She wears plain blue jeans that have a combat knife strapped to it with combat boots. Around her belt are a small pistol, three flashbang grenades and a small bullet pouch. A large sniper rifle is slung over her back. Her hair is a vivid green and tied back into a large bun. Her eyes are a deep, dark blue, and her well-tanned skin is marked by a few scars, namely over her lip, under her right eye, and along her left jaw.

Of course, that's a lot of details, so I gift upon thee artistic license. As long as I can vaguely tell it was meant to be her I'm cool with it. Anyhoo, feel free to shoot me a PM or whatevs if you wanna accept this humble request.
Style: digital (in the Twokinds style if possible, please)

Request status: Open

My request is thus (it's a lot of detail):

My OC Rastriavis (he's a male!)
Physical description: A short, lean-built (lean, not skinny) mix between a fox and a cat (his race is supposed to look like a Keidran). His figure looks girlish. His hips are slightly wider than his stomach, and he has not-broad shoulders, curves, ETC. His main fur coloring is reddish-brown, with a few (not many though, maybe 2 on each arm and one oval-shaped one on each shoulder, in short they're scarce on him) thick, black tiger stripes along the arms and shoulders, and black fur (which begins halfway down his tail) on the end of his 2-foot tail, which goes to a point, like a fox tail (like in that picture. It's exactly the same length and coloring and bushiness as well. I guess it's a mix of a dog tail and a fox tail). It is bushy, and the fur on it is relatively long. Along the stomach, chest, mouth region of the face, and thighs is white cream-colored fur (like on a fox Keidran). His hands (up until almost the elbow) and feet (up from his toes to the mid-shin) are solid black fur. On the ends of his toes he has claws, which are about 3/4 of an inch long. His feet are more dog-like, although they are slightly more horizontal (still at an angle though). His left eye is bright ice blue, and his right eye is crimson-brown. Starting above the left eye, there are three parallel long, thin scars that run down the left side of his face, stopping at his left mid-cheek (like claw marks). The one in the middle is the longest scar (his left eye is NOT blinded, however). Has thick eyebrows that are the same color as his hair. Has large fox ears (with a patch of black-colored fur on the end of them), but a more cat-like, triangular face (although there are some features from a fox Keidran). He stands about 4 feet and 11 inches tall. He doesn't wear shoes, instead wrapping the arch section of his feet in untanned leather. At the end of his long fingers, there are small metal claws which protrude about half an inch out. On the top of his head, he has hair apart from his fur, like a human. This is colored dark red and is wavy, and it naturally turns black toward the tips. It is slightly longer than shoulder-length, and it is thick.
Baggy dark-grey cargo pants, which cover down to his toes. A buttoned-up blued-gunmetal-colored (this color, to be exact:
) trench coat (covering all the way down to his anklr), with a loose hood and no fancy collar (not over the head though, hanging idle around the neck), and thumbholes (pulled down over his thumbs of course), and the inner bottom edges of it are buttoned back (so that they fold over in a triangle pattern) to show his feet and the ends of his legs, as well as these pauldrons:

in the same gunmetal grey color, without the little shield design or the thin strap, attached to either shoulder. They are a few sizes larger though, so that they completely cover the pit of the arm.

Dark grey, baggy cargo pants, which cover everything but his toes, and the backs tend to drag on the ground.

Then, could you draw:
Two black sheaths, curved to fit this sword:
, with two handles like this
sticking out of the end of either sheath? The ends of the sheaths are capped in grey metal.
And hang either sheath from a separate black leather belt at the waist. (The two belts cross in a horizontally oblong X pattern, and the sheaths hang on either side of his body, at the lowest part of the respective belts)

And then could you have him hold this rifle (with the stock the smallest it can go, the rectangles at the end of it are spacers, and omit the sling);

Along the handguard, there's dark oak panels.Please make the barrel an integrated suppressor, and instead of a bipod, could you add a bayonet attached to the underside of the barrel? (still include the scope though) The bayonet looks like this:

And it sticks out about a foot from the end of the barrel.

And then this pose:
He's holding the rifle across his chest, holding the pistol grip in his left hand, and supporting the end of the handguard with his right hand (the rifle is pointing to the right), and the end of his tail is on the ground, by his right foot, like in the tail reference picture. He's looking toward the front, with a happy expression.
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I'd like to have artwork of my player character riding a Dialga, holding a Stardust Cell Staff, with a Stardust Dragon circling around Dialga and the player character, with a few Stardust Cells close to the player, and a Stardust Guardian standing by Dialga's side. If you feel up to doing a background, do a Stardust Pillar theme, such as various Stardust enemies in the background, the Stardust Pillar background, and maybe the Stardust Pillar itself off in the distance.

Dialga. Something on this idea for a pose would work.

My player. Titanium Mask, Spectre Robes, and Titanium Leggings, dyed with Stardust Dye, Mothron Wings and Ankh Shield dyed with Midnight Rainbow dye.

I know I'm asking for a lot. Only do it if you feel up to a challenge. This request is OPEN.
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