List of annoying bugs I found

Discussion in 'Mobile Bug Reports' started by Someguy, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. Someguy

    Someguy Terrarian

    Was wondering if anyone else has this.

    -When crafting, items do not update properly. For example; I'm crafting copper ores, I have 0 copper bars. After I craft them it still says I have 0 in inventory. The recipes to craft copper items are also not updated, they are faded out. Only when I switch to my inventory then back does it respond.

    -Most annoying of them all, sometimes the move and attack/tool side both respond. Like if I'm trying to mine a block sometimes the left side will respond (move options) and I'll start moving the direction I'm mining till I let go.
  2. SuperLucas335

    SuperLucas335 Terrarian

    The first bug: Yes, I have that. (Also, if there are crafting recipes for a block that has a craftable wall variant, but you only have the materials to make that block out of walls, it will select the main recipie for the block. Also, that block has to be the first block in your crafting inventory. It's complicated)
    The second bug mentioned: no, I don't have it. However, sometimes the move stick gets 'jammed' to one side, until I tap on the screen again.

    On a side note, if you have just crafted the recipes for something, I.e iron ore to iron bars, you can still scroll down to that recipie that is shaded and craft it.