tModLoader Looking for Spriter's and Coders for My mod (At least 3 spriters and a couple of coders,)

Do you want to be a spriter or coder?

  • Spriter?

    Votes: 30 93.8%
  • Coder?

    Votes: 9 28.1%

  • Total voters
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If i was not working on my own mod right now, I'd give you lots of great sprites and ideas xD.
You know what, why don't we collab or smth? stick our mods together?
whats your mod dexavior i might check it out because im looking for good mods for my modded multiplayer playthrough
The Tactical Mod. If you will use it, don't make the world yet cuz it generates an ore, sulfur.
And my npc is being a bit funky, so If i could fix that first that'd be great xD.
Got skype? add me bam_ace (Dee Oja)
I don't have steam, I got terraria with gog. I don't rly want to make an account now xD
you should make skype, free, and easy. We don't have to voice chat. you can also send files fast with skype
Maybe... I can't do the collab, because I got my mod file from my friend, and idk if he still has it or if he has thrown it away...
these sprites that r on this post are from OTHER people, i made my own sprites in the very first page. Don't credit me, credit they're own respectful owners.
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