Blocks & Decoration Magic Paint for magical decorative particle effects


Essentially, the idea is to have an item called Magic Paint. What it does is cause painted blocks to emit sparkly particles, but has no other effect on appearance. It can be applied to regular paint, and vise versa. Just plain sparkles too boring for you? Special variants of Magic Paint can be crafted at special crafting stations, and are used to make a version of Magic Paint which correlates with the type of station it is. Note that all recipes take 50 Magic Paint and 1 of the listed ingredient to make 50.

(Many thanks to Zoomo for the sprites!)
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Magic Paint

Painted blocks emit sparkles and glow weakly.
Used to craft special types of magic paint.
* Sold by the Painter when the Wizard arrives. Also sold by the Wizard.


Magic Mushroom Paint

Painted blocks emit glowing mushroom particles and grow slightly stronger.
* Crafted at an Autohammer with Glowing Mushroom.


Magic Blood Paint
Painted blocks emit blood particles.
* Crafted at a Crimson Altar with Crimstone.


Magic Demon Paint
Painted blocks sparkle like Demonite Ore does.
* Crafted at a Corrupt Altar with Demonite.

Magic Shadow Paint

Painted blocks emit Ebon-block particles.
* Crafted at a Corrupt Altar with Ebonstone.


Magic Lava Paint

Painted blocks emit lava particles and glow slightly stronger.
* Crafted at a Hellforge with Hellstone.
Magic Meteor Paint
Painted blocks emit fire particles.
* Crafted at a Hellforge with Meteorite.


Magic Honey Paint
Painted blocks emit drops of honey.
* Crafted at a Honey Dispenser with Bottled Honey.


Magic Star Paint

Painted block emit star particles and glow stronger.
* Crafted at a Sky Mill with Fallen Stars.


Magic Slime Paint

Painted blocks emit slime particles.
* Crafted at a Solidifier with Gel.


Magic Steam Paint
Painted blocks emit steam.
* Crafted at a Steampunk Boiler with Bottled Water.


Magic Water Paint
Painted blocks drip magic water and glow weakly.
* Crafted at a Water Candle with Bottled Water.

If anyone has more ideas for Magic Paint, let me know!
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The support is real.
This is one of the best suggestions I've ever read. I feel it should already be in Terraria and I can picture it being added in 1.3
Hmm...not to sure on this, i feel that somethings missing, but support nonetheless
If you think of anything, be sure to let me know.
Magic Fountain paint perhaps? Maybe it could recolor itself every now and then, and to make it recolor itself,you could click it and set when it starts and how long it goes on.
Ex. Recolor for 2 seconds, start every 7 seconds
Magic Fountain paint perhaps? Maybe it could spew every now and then, and to make it spew, you could click it and set when it starts and how long it goes on.
Ex. Spew for 2 seconds start every 7 seconds
Sounds more appropriate for a new type of block than something you can paint on ordinary ones, I think.
Support is most definitely 100%. This would add a lot of possibilities to the world of building and it would just look really nice. Good job, it all looks really nice.
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