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Make an item OP game.


When the baby slime is killed, a Mother slime spawns. Then it’ll break into 3 baby slimes, then 3 mother slimes, 9 baby slimes, etc.:bslime:


i'mma assume you mean the slime staff, so
immobilizes any enemy it attacks, except bosses, who are slowed down and have an increased hitbox size, have any debuffs they applied on you nullified, and thier defense is reduced to 0.

EDIT because i forgot an item: Resonance Scepter from 1.4.1


Official Terrarian
Does damage every tick, and after 5 hits makes a star form and explode doing a massive amount of damge



you can use it to make fullbright potions, as if you had the game just stop lighting properly and instead you could see everything like it was lit up.

Ammo Box


Official Terrarian
No longer needs to be placed down/interacted with. Can be carried in the player's inventory to give a 66% chance to not consume ammo.

Ale Tosser


you move at your top speed instantly while holding it out to attack and moving horizontally

Magic Missile


Can be thrown to make whatever it hits dye.

Apple Pie.
Can now be made using Apples. It now grants the Divinely Satisfaction buff for 1 hour, which gives 20 defense, 100% critical strike chance, including minions, 300% melee speed and makes you invincible.

Amphibian Boots.
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