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Make an item OP game.

gold broad sword: shoots gold nuggets that do massive damage and lower def by 20
Damage increased to 400 and spped increase to very fast (10)
next weapon: Deadly sphere staff
oof me


I do not understand what happened here. This thread used to be so organized. Okay. Kaleidoscope. Shoots many projectiles in a line that makes a rainbow when it hits someone. If the whip itself hits someone, it gives minions 100% crit chance for 30 seconds and releases nightglow projectiles.

All stats are the same, but it now sells for 100 plat (That IS overpowered, just in a different way than usual)
Also I feel you about the organization
Next Weapon: Bomb Fish (Counted as an explosive weapon by the Wiki)


Bomb Fish is changed to a ranged weapon (1.3 throwing). It spews bombs all over the place. It stacks like the light disc, shooting more bombs for each fish in the stack, but there is no stack limit. You can right click to charge up and throw the stack at your enemies. It produces a huge explosion depending on the number in the stack, and it doesn't destroy tiles.

Explosive Trap Cane/Rod/Staff
explosive trap series: Detonating the explosive trap spawns 5 more traps to spawn next to it, the damage increases every time this happens, Is now sold by demolisionist for 1 copper or by demolisionist death 50%
Next: True nights edge
black dye: Gives every mob the darkness debuff enemies that come on the screen are less likely to target you All current enemies are stuck in a box and random rpg music plays you are free to attack however you like at this time as all weapons now do 50000 damage
next: durendal (The hallowed whip just in case i spelled it wrong)
Durendal: Has infinite range, and uses 10 whips at once. Summons get a 100% damage bonus while attacking the tagged enemy, and attack twice as fast, ignoring invincibility frames.

Edit: Hotdog is next
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