Weapons & Equip Make important pre-Hardmode equipment more accessible on Hardmode


This discussion reminded me.
There is a metric ton of things which are very easy to miss BUT are very important for player progression.

Nature's Gift seems to be the worst offender. It's literally a build-enabling accessory which makes pure mages' life so much more comfortable (for a price).
Chance for an eager player to even have a chance to know that it exists? Miniscule.
Chance to get a clue about its drop location even knowing that it exists? Negative.
Chance to actually obtain it after you've passed previous Knowledge checks? Ha. Ha. Ha.

Quad-Barrel Shotgun, pre-Hardmode Zapinator and other weaponry of this kind have really outrageous requirements to fulfil as well.
Hell, obtaining a knowledge that you can craft a goddamn SHOVEL is a multi-leveled quest on its own!
While whole Graveyard gimmick is more than justified for so-called "dangerous walls", gating "useful for progression" or "QoL" items with this stupid requirement is just... ugh...

Can we have at least some chance to get that stuff from relevant biome crates on Hardmode or some other more accessible (on Hardmode) means?
I don't think any items should be only obtainable in pre-Hardmode. The only real offenders of this still are the Cascade and the Gray Zapinator, which get replaced by the Hel-Fire and the Orange Zapinator respectively. The solution is obvious to me: let us shimmer the Orange Zapinator and Hel-Fire into their pre-Hardmode counterparts. And while we're at it, the Jungle Rose should get shimmered into the Nature's Gift.

For everything else, I think that new players should just be better taught to check everything that says "Material" on its tooltip. Doing that would solve many problems of items being obscure, although obviously it's not a panacea for the issue of obscure content.
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