Make the most boring thing ever even MORE boring

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Waiting until paint dries > waiting until same colour as the original paint dries
I know it was an example but let's stick to it like how paint sticks to the walls and to a more irritating degree, clothes.
Farming items -> farming for the gosh darn cell phone in Terraria. SO BORING especially the fishing quests, GEEZ.:redmunch::redspin::red2::dryadconfused:
You need to make something boring more boring
Ex. Love-> loving a wall (best I could come up with)
Here's a version of that farming thing that would work.
Farming items -> Farming for THAT ONE item you need, you know which one.
Reading uninteresting book that has 1000 pages>Being trapped in an empty room with nothing to do but read uninteresting books with 1000 pages.
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