Blocks & Decoration Make the Video Visage placeable

It's not quite a table, but you can place it on a mannequin. Not where you usually keep your TVs, but maybe it's good enough for the dryad for the time being?
You might try some echo paint on the mannequin to make it look like a wall-mounted tv.

For a different look, you can place it on a hat rack; I have two placed on hat racks in a "surveillance room."
I know right!? [Video Visage Placeable]
Note: I did suggest making the item placeable, similar to the Fish Bowl item, but there's no guarantee that suggestion will happen. Even if it does, this still looks pretty neat & could easily be elevated or tinkered for a cleaner, more attractive appearance.
This suggestion made too much sense to not add! I don't know, maybe if everyone makes a big enough deal about it... ? :naughty:🤷‍♂️
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