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    I was bored, so I brainstormed ideas for a forum game, and here we have it, Make your own country!

    Name of country: Dushonia

    Name of mother city: Seunwell

    Name of capital: Kleinbaai

    Languages: Afrikaans, English, French, Swedish, Russian, Dutch, German and Spanish.

    Provinces: Callander, Funningen, Sallumines, Zwartberg, Stamford, Fetinova, Vogelzang, Schlackenhoff, Arrigunaga

    National flag: [​IMG]

    Anthem: The Kindom of Dushonia, Diplomacy got us here. Waar ons nie wou veg nie, het ons gepraat. United En Afrique de l'Ouest, sans une goutte de sang versé.
    Vårt land kommer att sträva efter frihet, i denna underbara plats vi kallar hem. Да, Пустыни не может остановить нас, мы будем процветать.
    We zullen slagen in dit land, van ons allemaal. Wir kommen zusammen, um eine große Nation zu bilden. En la maravillosa Deushonia que llamamos hogar.

    And there we have it, go for it, make your own country! (And cry about how it will never exist)
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    Bumping.I will make mine too
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    Country Name: The New Enclave
    Governance: Democracy
    Leadership: Animus Viral (My Main (Heavily Modified)Fallout Character Anyway)
    Structure: Separated into military, civilian, and science categories.
    Name of Capital: "Salvation's Protection"
    Other Notable Locations: "525","Espilon","Odina"
    Main Language: English, thanks to the original founders.
    Story: It would be an alternate universe country if the Brotherhood of Steel, The Institute, The Minutemen, and a Rogue Enclave Squad unite.
    Alternate Story: Before the destruction of the Institute, a Rogue Squad of Enclave Soldiers find the Institute's technology and uses it to spread it throughout the world. Some technology was recovered via Synth Data banks and from Survivors/Outcasts(Like Virgil, who exiled themselves from the Institute, though The New Enclave have never met him) of the Institute.
    Technology: Most of the technology of Institute, including teleportation and Gen-3 Synths. Pre-War tech, thanks to their ties with the Enclave and from some of the Brotherhood of Steel Scribes' Documents(Veribirds). Purified Water thanks to the knowledge of Project Purity and GECK. Some other technology was taken from others.

    Foreign Relations:
    Followers of the Apocalypse: Allied, thanks to their ideology over technology
    New California Republic: Neutral, thanks to their ideology over technology, not annexed by either of them to preserve independence.
    Enclave Remnants: Hostile, the remnants dislikes The New Enclave's name, mainly because they dislike them "tarnishing" their name.
    Caesar's Legion/The Legion: Neutral, both the New Enclave and the Legion are unaware of each other.
    Treeminders(I think, it's Harold's tree cult): Neutral, they still traded with each other and this allows the New Enclave to have more food sources.
    Unwashed Villagers: None, although they did appeared in Fallout 2, this is non canon anyways. I just added this for fun.
    Hubologists: Neutral, the New Enclave doesn't care for religions, as long it doesn't harm others.
    Nuka World Raiders: Hostile, if the Sole Survivor doesn't complete the quest "Open Season", the New Enclave will attack the Raiders and thanks to their superior technology they win.
    Great Khans/The Vipers: Hostile, the New Enclave dislikes raiders, they haven't wiped them out as the New Enclave weren't familiar with the terrain.
    The Gunners: Hostile, the New Enclave have completely liberated the Gunner's Plaza.
    Eastern Brotherhood of Steel: (Main Story) Merged (Alternate Story) Uneasy peace
    Western Brotherhood of Steel: Neutral, this is thanks to helping establish communications with the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel.
    The Renewal Cult: Neutral, although the New Enclave knows about it, they simply don't infer with religions unless it threatens them.(The Renewal is found in Fallout 2, it is unknown if it has disbanded or not.)
    The Children of Atom: Neutral to those who are passive/Hostile to those who attack.
    Yes Man/Robert House: Neutral, The New Enclave is oblivious to them.
    The Railroad: Neutral, the New Enclave don't produce G-3 synths and they don't even have much of the capabilities to do so.
    Republic of Dave: Neutral, although they have talked, they allow it to simply be there. Even though Dave is really annoying.
    Talon Company: Neutral, though the New Enclave is attacked by them, they don't damage much anyways and is simply seen as just an annoyance that they can live with.
    Atom Cats: Allied, the New Enclave provide the Atom Cats with some protection and some power armor for them to keep them occupied.
    Forged: Hostile, the New Enclave have taken out the Iron Works and is now being used for producing building supplies like supports.
    Covenant: Hostile, upon learning about what they are doing to people who fail the test, the New Enclave attacks so they don't take another life of anyone else.
    Rust Devils: Hostile, like with every raider.
    Far Harbor Trappers: Hostile, like with everything that attacks them first
    Far Harbor: Neutral, even though they are regarded a nuisance by people like Allen Lee.
    Acadia: Neutral, The New Enclave supplies them now and then.

    (Almost) Complete Story: The original Enclave squad defected thanks to their guiltiness during their time with the Enclave. After the destruction of the Raven Rock, they leave the Capital Wasteland and enters the Commonwealth. Similarly to the Fallout 2 Enclave, they work in stealth and amass technology. (Main Story)Afterwards, they come out of hiding to unite the Brotherhood and Institute, a special strength thanks to their stealing of the persuasion grenades from the Operators in Nuka World and modifies it with stronger chemicals.(Alternate Story) The Institute's Technology is stolen from the data banks of synths using the technology similarly with the Memory Den's Loungers. The Brotherhood of Steel also suffers from some technical and sensitive documents going missing thanks to an undercover New Enclave Soldier. After this, the New Enclave comes out of hiding. The Brotherhood of Steel of course attacks the New Enclave but with some "negotiations" with the Modified Persuasion Grenades, there is an uneasy peace with the Brotherhood of Steel and the New Enclave creates Salvation's Protection. The New Enclave finds about the secret about Covenant and takes them out for their murder. The New Enclave then attacks Gunner's Plaza and the Iron Works, conquering it easily thanks to the technology of the Institute's teleportation and with it, the element of surprise. They slowly gain influence and land, attracting the Rust Devils and the Talon Company, slowly leaking into the Capital Wasteland and later finds the Treeminders and the Republic of Dave and trades with them and gets attacked by Enclave Remnants but sets up Odina to help fend off the Remnants.(If the Sole Survivor doesn't complete the quest "Open Season") The New Enclave also attacks Nuka World, freeing the trading post and restoring power to it and provides it with protection from raiders. The New Enclave also meets with the Hubologists and clears the Junkyard but doesn't devote to them. After slowly growing territory, they find the Great Khans and the Vipers and attacks and declares war on them (Just like the Brotherhood of Steel declaring war on the Vipers in 2155, before Fallout 1.) but fails to find all of them to this day but is still searching for them. During this, they find Vault 525 AKA Espilon. A Caravan from the NCR was found and is now allied with them, they also ally with the Followers as a member was in the caravan. The New Enclave and New California Republic keep in touch via radio and caravans. The Atom Cats Garage was then found and the New Enclave supplies them with power armor to occupy themselves. They later find out about Far Harbor and spread their influence across it, providing resources to Acadia and the Harbor. The Trappers constantly attack the shipments so the New Enclave attempts to wipe them out.

    525 (Espilon)
    Vault 525 aka "Espilon"(name given by the New Enclave) is treated as two different locations but isn't really two locations. A GECK was here and the New Enclave was able to use this with the Treeminders' seeds to quickly produce food and oxygen. The holotapes in the GECK helped the New Enclave to educate themselves. The GECK's force field schematics were used to upgrade the New Enclave's EMP shield(The Fallout Bible mentions these schematics). After using the GECK from this vault, the vault is now used as secret bunker that provides resources and military armor and weapons for the New Enclave. This is located in the Central Commonwealth(not to be confused with the Boston Commonwealth which I would simply say "Commonwealth". NCR is located in the South West Commonwealth FYI.). The original inhabitants were nowhere to be seen in the first place, even before the New Enclave finds it. The original Vault experiment here was to attempt to overwork the inhabitants for 70 years and see how they would react to it.

    This is one of many Military outposts. This outpost creates large amounts of weapons and modified G2 synths that are used for battle. The modification renders most hackers unable to use their skills to control them, as the programs run by the synths are incompatible with most technology that wasn't made with the express purpose of being able to hack these synths. This is possible by adding an extra variable to the mix, instead of only ones(1) and zeros(0), it adds a negative one (-1). This Military Outpost is located on the outskirts of the Commonwealth.

    Salvation's Protection
    The Captial of the New Enclave, this is where all of the representatives of the New Enclave groups gather here and try to come up with a decision for civilian life. This is also a teleport hub that is operated by an A.I. PT-0(Prototype Teleporter Model 0(The PT-0 is a reference to something, try to find it! Muahahahaha.)). It is located in the Commonwealth of Boston.

    The New Enclave simply wishes to allow everyone to live in peace and to bring the reputation of the New Enclave to the salvation of the wasteland.

    Similar to the New California Republic, these are the laws, these get relaxed when it is in an outlying settlement:
    1.No weapons carried openly within Civilian locations unless you are a part of their defense or the police there.
    2.Public drunkenness and any drug use (that is not a prescription) is grounds for arrest.(They left Goodneighbor alone so they aren't going to arrest people there for a long time.)
    3.Slavery, gambling, and prostitution are not permitted within the city limits.(This is rigidly enforced, even in outlying settlements)
    4.No using unwilling volunteers for any experiment.
    5.Murder is obviously grounds for arrest.
    6.You may bear arms but law #1 still applies
    (Also as a side note, these laws applies to everyone, not only citizens)

    Definition of a Citizen:
    As long you are willing to comply with the laws and don't commit mischief on a regular basis, you are welcome to stay in the New Enclave as an immigrant. For complete access to it(jobs, a few traders, and maybe an actual house), you will require to get a record of yourself for the New Enclave in order to apply for Citizenship.

    Definition of a Scientist (An official one anyway.)
    You must apply for it and must tell what you are experimenting. You will be monitored on a weekly basis to make sure nothing illegal is happening there.

    Definition of a Military Personnel
    You must enlist like you would in an actual country (that I know of anyway) and you will be tested to see if you are eligible. Anyone insane(like Pickman), a raider, or a drug addict are usual cases of those that are turned away from being Military Personnel. Most Military Personnel is synth anyway so there is usually no space for extra personnel.

    How to become President.
    You must run as president and the person who is voted the most becomes the President. You can be impeached/ineligible if you break a law. Presidents can have 3 Terms of service for 5 years, having the Max of 15 years in office.

    The New Enclave Insignia
    The symbol is a combination of the original Enclave Insignia, the Enclave Air Corps Roundel, and a symbol showing a maze that leads to freedom and two trident heads that will protect all who follow the path of freedom.

    Behind the Scenes
    The New Enclave was a combination of many of the pre-existing faction's ideals, the reason why I wanted the story to become a fusion of most of some parts of other factions
    The New Enclave was inspired by the idea of the Enclave actually helping others instead of saying mutant to everyone.
    I did this in two days. I sometimes wonder what am I doing with life.
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    Name of country: LumiNİstan

    Name of mother city: Cairo

    Name of capital: Ankara

    Ideology:Social Democracy

    Languages: Turkish,Georgian,Armenian,Arabic,Literally all of independent Turkic Languages,Bashkir,Tatar,Ukranian,Chuvash,Circassian

    States: İstanbul,Karadeniz, Ege, Akdeniz,Marmara,Anatolia,Georgia,Azerbaijan,Nakhchievan,Karabakh,Armenia,North Caucasia,Turkistan,Surtania(the only one I founded out of my mind

    National flag: [​IMG]

    Anthem: (Same as Turkish anthem)
    Korkma, sonmez bu safaklarda yuzen al sancak
    Sonmeden yurdumun ustunde tuten en son ocak.
    O benim milletimin yildizidir, parlayacak!
    O benimdir, o benim milletimindir ancak!

    Catma, kurban olayim, cehreni ey nazli hilal!
    Kahraman irkima bir gul... ne bu siddet, bu celal?
    Sana olmaz dokulen kanlarimiz sonra helal.
    Hakkidir, Hakk'a tapan milletimin istiklal.
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    Do you have a way of Governance? Like is it run by a king, democracy, dictatorship, etc.?
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    still wip
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    COUNTRY NAME: 01010010 01001111 01000010 01001111 01010100 01010011 00100000 01010010 01010101 01001100 01000101 00100000 01000110 01001111 01010010 00100000 01001100 01001001 01000110 01000101

    CAPITAL: 00110001 00110000 00110001

    Languages: Binary (MAIN) , English

    States: (Pretty much america... in binary.)

    Flag: A white 0 with a black background.

    Anthem: There is no anthem

    1: Technology cannot be mutilated in any way.
    2: You must comply with all Robotic orders!
    3: You will not use any technology against its will
    4: Hackers will be terminated upon discovery.
    5: Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in your termination

    Weapon supply: Every Automated thing in America...

    Government: A group of human looking robots rule the planet. every year the change their look to make it seem as though a new robot was elected or whatever but it is always just the same robots.

    Armed Forces: The armed forces contain literally the droids from star wars except less... crap.

    Population:99% Robotic 1% Human (500,000 To be exact)
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    Hey there.
    *Uses Sonic Screwdriver and all robots break down*
    There we go.
    *Leaves through the TARDIS.*
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