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Hello, ladies and gentlemen! It is I, Red H2O, thawed out from my cryogenic stasis chamber by the majesty of 1.3! Of all the amazing things the good people at Relogic have given us, the new hints at a throwing class are not to be overstated. I predict that, much with the expansion of Summoners after their original introduction, a similar fate will follow with the Throwing class, and I'm more than happy to provide my tuppence.

July 15, 2015 edit: The second part of the Hardmode Thrower series is out! Check it out here.

As I plan for this to be the first in a series of threads dedicated to this new class, we'll focus on one part of the game: entering Hardmode. And where else to start than with the Wall of Flesh?

Ballistic Emblem
- Accessory, Crafting Material
- Light Red rarity
- "15% increased throwing damage"
- Sells for 2 gold
- Just a basic emblem for the Throwing class, to match the other four. Nothing special.

As usual, the spirits of light and dark are released. But what now? Well, summoners hurry over to the Spider Caves to farm for Spider Fangs, why don't throwers head to other minibiomes? Now we get to the real meat: revamping the Marble and Granite biomes!

Marble Cave:

As I'm sure you're all aware, the Marble Cave is based off ancient Greece. Running with this, I've devised a series of new enemies, drops, and a new armor set for this minibiome.


- AI similar to Bone Lee
- Damage: 50
- Max Life: 450
- Defense: 12
- Drops: Snake Shuriken (40-100, 50%)
- Stheno is one of the lesser known of the three Gorgons. She was known as the most fearsome and brutal of the three, having killed more men than either sister combined. She appears to be similar to Medusa, only thinner, and with red snakes instead of blue ones. She moves very quickly, but, similar to the Giant Tortoise in the Hardmode Jungle, any amount of damage causes her to stop for a split second. Fast firing weapons are a must for taking her out.

- Modified Fighter AI
- Damage: 70
- Max Life: 550
- Defense: 20
- Drops: Demigod Dagger (40-100, 50%)
- The third of the Gorgons, Euryale was known for her bellowing screams and yells. She appears similar to her sisters, but is stouter and has has yellow snakes for hair. In contrast to her sisters, she moves very slowly (about as slowly as the Paladin) and is rather tanky. Every 5 seconds she will stop and screech, doing damage in an area of 7 blocks around her.

- Cerberus AI
- Damage: Contact (80), Fire Ball (60)
- Max Life: 1000 per head
- Defense: 25 per head
- Drops: Heroic Spirit(1, 100%), Lightning Bolt (60-120, 100%)
- Cerberus is the legendary guardian of the Underworld in Greek Mythology. He is a massive hellhound, with three fire-breathing heads. This could be thought of as the miniboss of the Marble cave, similar to the Biome Mimics or Ice Golem. He moves at the same speed as the Paladin, and upon being within line of sight of the player will launch a Flower of Fire-like projectile from each head once per second. They bounce twice before dissipating on the third bounce. All three heads must be killed to defeat the miniboss.


Snake Shuriken
- Throwing weapon
- 26 Damage
- Very Weak knockback
- Max Stack: 999
- Velocity: 8.5
- Crit. Chance: 4%
- Light Red rarity
- 11 Use Time
- Sell: 50 Copper
- "Can cause petrification"
- A very quick and light throwing weapon, this form of throwing weapon has a 25% chance to cause the Stoned debuff, but only on monsters (not bosses, minibosses, etc.). Stoned enemies are now affected by fall damage.

Demigod Dagger
- Throwing weapon
- 20 Damage
- Very weak knockback
- Max Stack: 999
- Velocity: 9
- Crit. Chance: 10%
- Light Red rarity
- 11 Use Time
- Sell: 50 Copper
- "Crits do more damage"
- This quick dagger has a noticeably higher crit chance, which plays into it's special ability. Critical hits with these weapons do 2.5 times damage versus the regular 2 times damage.

Lightning Bolt
Credit for the sprite goes to J-50N!

- Throwing weapon
- 35 Damage
- Average knockback
- Max Stack: 999
- Velocity: 7
- Crit Chance: 6%
- Light Red Rarity
- 30 Use Time
- Sell: 80 copper
- "Damage arcs to enemies"
- Based on Zeus's mythical lightning bolts, these throwing weapons are similar to javelins. However, they do not stick into enemies; they instead break and shoot out electric arcs to nearby enemies. Each enemy stuck takes 20% less damage than the original hit. Can hit up to five additional targets.


The Olympian Set is based around quick movement and very high crit chances. You have to be quick on your feet to survive.
Special thanks to ThatOneRobloxHater for the armor sprites!

Olympian Helmet

- 6 Defense
- "25% increased throwing velocity"
- Sell: 40 Silver
- Crafting: 1 Heroic Spirit, 10 Smooth Marble

Olympian Breastplate

- 7 Defense
- "25% increased throwing damage"
- Sell: 75 Silver
- Crafting: 1 Heroic Spirit, 20 Smooth Marble

Olympian Leggings

- 6 Defense
- "25% increased movement speed"
- Sell: 50 Silver
- Crafting: 1 Heroic Spirit, 15 Smooth Marble

Set Bonus
33% increased throwing critical strike chance.

Granite Cave:

Now on to the Granite minibiome! As the visual counterpart to the Marble Caves, I've decided to go with a completely different style of armor, weapons and enemies.


Granite Gremlin
- The Possessed AI
- Damage: 45
- Max Life: 500
- Defense: 19
- Drops: Granite Block (10-20, 100%), Sturdy Stone (40-100, 50%)
- The Granite Gremlin is fast, elusive, and versatile. It will rush towards the player, clinging to and running on walls when necessary. It appears like a shorter, granite-colored version of Fire Imps. They spawn frequently, and will follow the player even out of the granite cave.

Granite Enchanter
Sprites provided courtesy of J-50N!

- Caster AI
- Damage: Contact (60), Granite Orb (50)
- Max Life: 400
- Defense: 18
- Drops: Granite Block (10-20, 100%), Enchanted Stone (40-100, 50%)
- A typical mage, this granite being is cloaked in a glittering blue cape. She will launch three Dark-Caster-like projectiles one after another in rapid succession (roughly half a second delay between each) before teleporting to a random location in the cave and repeating the process.

Granite Goliath
- Granite Goliath AI
- Damage: Contact (90), Chucked Elemental (65)
- Max Life: 3000
- Defense: 36
- Drops: Granite Block (25-50, 100%), Granite Boulder (60-120, 100%), Goliath Heart (1, 100%)
- The miniboss of the Granite Cave, and the counterpart to the Cerberus. Rather than three attack points, he is one single enemy. He moves extremely slowly, even slower than the Paladin. He initially spawns with three Granite Elementals floating around him. When the player is in range, he will grab one from the air throw it (in it's curled-up form, as seen in Expert Mode) towards the player. The elemental will roll on the ground until coming to a complete stop and returning to the Goliath. The Elementals can be killed, and when all three are killed, the Goliath will stop completely and spawn one Elemental every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. He appears as a bigger, beefier version of the Granite Golem.


Sturdy Stone
- Throwing weapon
- 30 Damage
- Weak Knockback
- Max Stack: 999
- Velocity: 6
- Crit. Chance: 4%
- Light Red Rarity
- 15 Use Time
- Sell: 50 Copper
- "Less likely to break"
- This small rock has a shorter range and slower air time than other throwing weapons. However, it is much, much less likely to break on contact (85% chance not to break).

Enchanted Stone
- Throwing weapon
- 25 Damage
- Very Weak Knockback
- Max Stack: 999
- Velocity: 8
- Crit. Chance: 6%
- Light Red Rarity
- 14 Use Time
- Sell: 50 Copper
- "Bouncy!"
- This glowing blue rock works both as a tiny light source, and a weapon! It will bounce similar to the Bouncy Grenade, and pierce once before having a 50% chance to break.

Granite Boulder
Lovely sprites provided by J-50N!

- Throwing weapon
- 42 Damage
- Strong Knockback
- Max Stack: 999
- Velocity: Time Based
- Crit. Chance: 4%
- Light Red Rarity
- 35 Use Time
- Sell: 80 Copper
- "A portable boulder"
- This is effectively a regular boulder, only throwable instead of placeable. It arcs slightly from the player before rolling along the ground, piercing 5 times before breaking 100% of the time, or upon hitting a wall.


In stark contrast to the Olympian armor, the Goliath armor focuses on a completely different playstyle: tankiness and durability.
Lovely sprites provided courtesy of ThatOneRobloxHater!

Goliath Helmet

- 8 Defense
- "15% increased throwing velocity"
- Sell: 40 Silver
- Crafting: 1 Goliath Heart, 10 Smooth Granite

Goliath Plate Mail

- 9 Defense
- "20% increased throwing damage"
- Sell: 75 Silver
- Crafting: 1 Goliath Heart, 20 Smooth Granite

Goliath Leggings

- 8 Defense
- "-30% Movement Speed"
- Sell: 50 Silver
- Crafting: 1 Goliath Heart, 15 Smooth Granite

Set Bonus
12% reduced damage taken
Thrown weapons confuse enemies

There we go! That's the majority of life for the early hardmode Throwing class. Look forward to more complex and intricate threads for the hardmode Thrower in the future. Have any questions, comments or concerns? Let me know below!
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"There's the warrior, the ranger, the sorcerer, the summoner... and then there's the guy that chucks :red: at people."
Not only does this make the Throwing class viable, it also expands on the Marble and (soon) Granite Biomes, which, in my opinion, kind of need it. Ye've got my support.
Also, if I may ask, what would the Olympian set look like?
I would imagine the armor looking a bit like a suped-up version of the Gladiator Armor set, with small black and white decals interlaced with the golden base.
This looks pretty cool! I sort of think that the miniboss shouldn't be Cerberus (he'd fit better in the Underworld himself) but I don't know.
I say that maybe instead of Cerberus for the marble miniboss, maybe a Manticore because Cerberus is more hell-related and maybe have it drop like a marble core or heroic heart if it's a equivalent to the ice golem because souls seem to be drops of actual bosses. But other than that, really like this suggestion.
This takes two of my favorite features in 1.3, and combines them. The only thing I'd suggest is making the enemies from each biome drop a single crafting material (e.g. Rugged Marble and Rugged Granite), which can then be made into the throwing weapon of your choice. That takes out some of the possible frustration of farming and never getting the right spawns. I'd also suggest that one or possibly both of the armors gives a chance not to consume thrown items like the Fossil Armor does. It'd be a shame to upgrade your armor and lose out on such a cool set bonus. Other than that, it's fantastic and I would absolutely love to run around throwing lightning bolts at people.
@ARANDOMGUY This has come up before, and I see the reasoning. But I feel that Cerberus would fit better, both for his close relation to the idea of Greek mythology, and the location of the biome itself: underground, before the underworld.

@Unsuspecting Prey The drop rates are rather high, and they drop a lot of throwing weapons each time, so I don't feel that the grind would be too harsh.
maybe have it drop like a marble core or heroic heart if it's a equivalent to the ice golem because souls seem to be drops of actual bosses.

I disagree. Souls of Night and Light drop from any monster, and Souls of Flight drop from a miniboss, just like the Heroic Soul.
I disagree. Souls of Night and Light drop from any monster, and Souls of Flight drop from a miniboss, just like the Heroic Soul.
That is true but I feel like the Heroic soul is more like the Frost core from the frost golem while all other souls craft into items in a mass, and the souls that drop from mobs that aren't main bosses require some farm to get enough to craft items, whereas with the heroic soul it's a 1 material to one armor piece ratio just like the frost armor, so it's kinda a symmetry thing with the rest of the games crafting materials.
Okay. I've changed Heroic Soul to Heroic Spirit, which should avoid confusion and keep people happy. But I'm keeping it as Cerberus, which I feel, plain and simple, is cooler.
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