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Master mode guide

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General Gameplay
I'll update this as I play through master mode, but here's how I started out:

1. Explore the overworkd, and get any loot from chests. Build a basic base etc.
2. Explore any caves, and try to get as many life crystals as possible.
3. Once you get 50 silver and bombs, wait for the merchant and demolitionist to spawn. Buy lots of bombs.
4. Go to the corruption, and use the bombs to get a musket.

5. Get to at least 200 health, and stock up on grenades. (Get a hook if you don't have any)
6. Fight the goblin army, using two long platforms, about 10-15 blocks apart. It will be difficult, but with grenades + musket it should be doable easily.
7. After you defeat the goblin army, find the tinkerer and buy the rocket boots and the tinkerers workshop.
8. If you have hermes boots, combine these to make spectre boots, otherwise raid the underground desert for dunerider boots, and combine them with your rocket boots. (The underground desert will be tough, but you should be able to not constantly die.)

9. Try to get around 300 health if possible, and then expand your goblin army arena by adding another long platform above. Use this to fight EoC. Use standard regen/ironskin/swiftness potions. EoC on master mode with musket and spectre boots should be easily doable.

10. Afterwards, try to get up to 400 health, and explore as much as the world as you can.
11. Get a demon bow, obsidian armour (through bombs), and jester arrows. Setup an arena like the previous one but in the corruption, and have 6 or 7 of these platforms. With some effort, you should be able to kill the EoW. If you can't, try to kill enough segments to get a Demon pick, and then get molten armour + molten bow. With molten armour + molten bow, the fight is as easy as the EoC fight.
12. If you haven't already got it, get Molten gear. (Including the imp.)

13. Go to the jungle. Adventure around, until you find a beehive. Use sticky dynamite (it's really cheap now) to build an arena next to the beehive. Inside this arena, like usual build 4-6 platforms 10-15 blocks apart. (You can't make the platforms long, but make the arena at least as wide as it's tall.) Make sure to apply buffs and have heart lanterns and campfires. For the fight itself, alternate between a sword/flail to kill the bees and a ranged weapon like a musket or your bow. (Minishark not recommended because of the queen bee's defense.) If you have an enchanted sword, use that. Be careful, and make sure to dodge. Let your imp do most of the work. To dodge the charges and move quickly across the arena use your EoC shield. You should be able to kill the bee with relative ease, but if you are facing difficulty you might want to put a dryad somewhere near your arena for the blessing.

14. Skeletron
Skeletron is probably the most difficult master mode boss pre-hardmode. This took me several tries, and I even had to reforge some of my accessories. Here is how I beat it:
3 very long platforms around 20-25 blocks apart. Make sure to have heart lanterns and campfires.
Buffs: Regen, Well fed, and Ironskin are musts. If you have endurance, wrath, swiftness, basically any damage/defense potion is useful. I highly recommend also using dryad's blessing.
Armour: Molten armour. If you're feeling adventurous go for bee armour for the extra imp dps, though I don't recommend it. There's really no good armour at this stage of the game better than these two.
Weapons: I used the minishark and the fire imp, though any reasonably high damage weapon should do.
Accessories: Spectre boots, some sort of hook, eye of cthulhu shield, worm scarf, and if possible cloud in a bottle and regen. (For your sixth accessory use whatever, I used an obsidian skull.) Try to reforge all your accessories to good modifiers, especially warding.

The fight itself:
I started the fight at around 8PM, and it lasted till around 3:30 am. Make sure to start it early.
Start the fight by kiting the boss, and trying to kill its hands. Use the EoC shield to dodge its attacks. Once you get rid of both hands, when it does its flying skulls attack, focus not on attacking, but try to dodge with the EoC shield. When it does its spinning attack, it should be easy to kite the boss. The spinning attack is where you get most of the damage in.
Make sure to use healing pots etc.
Always try to keep a distance. If you play with small resolution like me, try to keep skeletron off screen (except during the spinning attack, cause you want to do a lot of damage their), use the minimap to tell you where Skeletron is.
Make sure to be careful and not to take risks.

(If you're a cheater you could also use the nurse.)

15. Raid the dungeon. The only item that I would say is mandatory to get is the cobalt shield, which you should tinker into an obsidian shield ASAP. Waterbolt might be helpful too, and if you don't have a good sword the Muramasa is a good choice.

16. Wall of flesh

Wall of flesh is by far the hardest pre-hm boss if you don't prepare, but if you prepare well it can be as easy as queen bee.
As the wall of flesh moves faster in master mode than in expert mode, a minecart rail is highly recommended. Make your minecart rail 3000 blocks wide. Make sure you have an actual minecart.
Bring the usual buffs--and maybe some more, like endurance, thorns etc. I recommend using restoration potions instead of healing potions if you have them, as they give slightly better healing power.
I highly recommend using hivepack and beenades. (Bring around 400 just incase, but you should only need 200-250.)
Armour and accessories: Just the standard, though use a hivepack.

When you actually fight the boss, spam beenades.
Speed up when the boss is catching up.

With some luck, you should be able to defeat the wall of flesh, and congrats! You have just completed pre-hardmode in Master mode!
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1. Do the normal early hardmode stuff. Get wings, and try to get tier three hardmode ore armour. Also try to get some good hardmode weapons, such as the mimic weapons or the marrow or the hell/ice yoyo. Farm for souls of light, to make into keys so you can get some hallowed mimics. Farm these guys until you get at least the daedulus stormbow, and preferably the flying knife too.

2. Pirate invasion pt 1.

If you're unlucky enough to get a pirate invasion before you get your hardmode gear, buy tons of grenades (6-10 stacks) and create a box about 10 blocks above the ground, and put a two block hole somewhere there. Then just spam grenades until the invasion is over. It'll be slow, but it will work. Don't bother with the flying dutchman, as you will get absolutely destroyed if you go outside of the box.

3. Pirate invasion pt 2.

Once you actually get good gear, you want a pirate invasion asap. Go to the ocean, place some jungle grass, and farm enemies until you get the map. Create a box about 10 blocks in the sky, and use your flying knife/daedulus stormbow/yoyo to clear out the enemies until you get to 50% completion. At this point, farm the flying dutchmans using your flying knife/stormbow until you get the blackspot, the most op mount in the game. If you don't get the blackspot, repeat this step until you do.

4. Destroyer

Although the stormbow has been nerfed, it's still quite good, albeit with hellfire arrows, not holy arrows. Buy a stack or two of hellfire arrows, and use the mount to safely fly above the destroyer, and rain the hellfire arrows down onto it. When you are low health, use the mount to travel far away from the destroyer and its probes, and wait till your pot cooldown runs out. With some luck, you should be able to defeat it. After defeating it, craft the megashark and get a couple stacks of crystal bullets.

5. Twins

The twins, even on master mode are by far the easiest mech boss. With the mount you can easily outspeed them, and with your megashark you should be able to tear them apart within a couple minutes. This fight is so easy that that's all there is to it, except that you want to kill one eye before you get the other into its second form.

6. Skeletron Prime

This boss is harder than the twins, but once you get hallowed armour, thanks to the armor's holy protection buff, the fight becomes really easy. Use megashark + crystal bullets like last time, and aim only for the head.
You should be able to outrace it with the mount and some speed buffs.

I'll add more content to this when I actually play through the game.
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Love your guide, really solid tips. But you lost me when you tried to describe the arenas you used. It would be nice if you added some screenshots of them (even from the map view).



use the water fall thing where u place blocks in a u shape above you then place water in those blocks then hammer the blocks so the water flows down so slimes cant get pasts it.


Nice guide. It is mostly clear on what to do. One thing that is unclear is what accessories you need to get. Overall 8/10
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