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  1. FirnenYT

    FirnenYT Eye of Cthulhu

    While this guide is for EXPERT, it should work just as well for normal players. Enjoy!


    First, farm some hallowed mimics (hint: yoyo + yoyo bag == easy kills) until you get a Daedalus Stormbow, a weapon which calls down up to four arrows from the sky. To get hallowed mimics, farm souls of light to make keys of light. Then put these into empty chests (your game cannot be on autopause) and jump out of the way.
    Killing 4 should be enough. Once you have your bow, go to some surface hallow (talk to your dryad to obtain hallow seeds if you have no surface hallow. Then plant them and wait for grass to spread)
    Obtain some unicorn horns and pixie dust(I got a blessed apple while doing this, from a unicorn!) Obtain around 2 horns and 6 dust, then, get 400 arrows, go to an anvil and turn them into 400 holy arrows.
    Now for the arena. Build a bridge about fifteen blocks off the ground, and place heart lanterns, campfires and a nurse home on it, about a screen from the middle. The bridge only has to be a screen or less wide.
    Flatten the ground underneath, then using the housing menu set the nurse to the nursing home you built. Now build a bed house above, place your bed in it and set spawn, but make sure the floor is made of wooden platforms so you can fall down to the nurse.
    Then turn autopause on and you should be ready, after you check the Gear List:

    -Titanium, orichalcum or adamantite armor, with either the ranged or melee helmet
    -Stormbow with 400+ holy arrows
    -Moon Charm (unnecessary, gives better state at night, dropped by werewolves on a blood moon)
    -Cross necklace (ordinary mimic drop)
    -Ranger emblem (shortens the fight)
    -Cobalt shield or better (found in dungeon chests)
    -Frostspark boots (look it up, to escape easily)
    -Greater Healing pots, dropped by hallow mimics
    -At least 1 gold, just in case, for nurse

    Then, the fight:
    Stand on top of your bridge, autopause on. You need at least three hours of night to fight, maybe less with a ranger emblem. Use your mech worm and start firing upwards with the Stormbow, making sure you are using holy arrows. Point your cursor upwards above any probes that spawn and the Destroyer, and continuously click. Heal if you're low, teleport to your nursing home if necessary and drop down, then with autopause already on, take your time to calm down and heal, then jump back to your podium and continue.

    And BOOM! eZ kill, potions not even required, but you can use the ones I use in my video if you want to!

    The Destroyer:

    The Twins:

    Start by making a skybridge about a thousand blocks long. At the point where you start running away from the Twins in a certain direction, (e.g: the "entrance" to the skybridge) build a home for the nurse and with the housing menu set her spawn in it. She won't arrive till the night.
    Now, gather ten or twenty campfires, ten or so heart lanterns, and if you've killed the Queen Bee, a hive wand and hive blocks.
    Then, often enough that when you place them, you don't lose the buff, place them along the length of your bridge.
    Don't worry if this seems like too much work; the same method works for Skeletron Prime too.
    Dig some one deep, two wide ditches that will hold liquid about every 20 seconds of running, then place two hives in, and mine them. If you don't immediately get two blocks of honey liquid, continue until you do by placing hive above the honey blocks.
    If you get three blocks of honey, immediately make holes on either side of your skybridge to let it out, since it will wash campfires away.
    Now, it's time to get equipment.
    Grab yourself a:
    -Stack of at least 800 Crystal Bullets, since they are used for Skeletron Prime too.
    -Megashark. You should be able to make it, and if you haven't killed the Destroyer for souls of might, look up for it. An Unreal Clockwork Assault rifle should work too. Make sure your Megashark is Unreal.
    -Moon shell (you should still have it from the Destroyer)
    -Ranger emblem (you should have this too, the WoF isn't that hard)
    -At least 1 gold, so you can pay the nurse. More than once I've gotten a boss low, only to be unable to pay the nurse, and as such I died
    -Cobalt shield or better!
    -Frostspark boots or Lightning boots
    -Potions, I used a ton but the most important are swiftness, regen and ironskin

    Turn autopause on!

    Now, the fight. Begin by running away from your nurse along your skybridge as the Twins arrive. If they spawn in front of you or bow you, make them go so that you are running from them with your shield of Cthulhu and frost boots
    Then, fire continuously at Spazmatism, since this one will use cursed inferno on you, which stops regen for 16 seconds. Plus, it's much harder, and will get you down a lot in health.
    You will notice Spaz is often off the screen, so just look at the cord, remember the distance and fire in the general direction in waves of up and down to continue doing damage.
    When Spaz does his flamethrower, avoid it no matter what! It can take you from 350 hp to 0!
    If your bridge is the right length, after successfully turning and heading back to the nurse, you should be on less than 200. Heal and run to the nurse still firing. When you reach her, heal, since Spaz should be dead or almost dead. Finish him, then stick around the nurse while killing the half health Retinazer. Don't dodge his lasers, but try not to get in their way. Continuously shoot at him, but don't be afraid to nurse up!

    And then, you win! Easy, but still refinable!
    If you want a video guide, you can see it here in action!

    Skeletron Prime:
    It's the same arena as the Twins, same tactics.

    The fight:
    Run continuously away from Skeletron, firing your crystal bullets at where his head either is, or if he's off the screen, where he should be. This fight, in my opinion, is the easiest of the Bosses, and very fun. Just avoid his spinning head at all costs. (I didn't check the damage but I feared it would be like normal Skeletron's, catching you and knocking you into him so he can munt you).
    I didn't really go below 200 Hp, and although I used a hallowed repeater in the beginning, use the gear from the Twins (it should be easy to do SP the night after you kill the Twins)

    Hope you enjoyed this guide! Tell me if it worked for you, and I hope you have fun killing the Mech Bosses to advance your game! :p

    Recording of SP fight:
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  4. How to beat any boss: press Alt F4
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