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    I’m writing this because it just hit me how long I’ve been here for. Specifically, it’s been just over four years, and three mod managers, since I started coding publicly by modding with Terraria. Wowee where did the time go, amirite? I didn’t really know what I was getting into, or how great and supportive the community would be despite my reclusiveness.

    Since there are lots of stats available for both Terraria and tModLoader, I can also share some poorly estimated fun facts with you:
    • Dust and Sound 2, despite being a very simple resource display mod, has supported 5,000 downloads over 3 versions. That’s a lot of downloads. That’s as many downloads as there are people in a full house at the BBC proms (a lot of people). It was the first mod I wrote for tModLoader, long before anything substantial since it was a port from tAPI.
    • WeaponOut and Expeditions, a personal project and experiment respectively, share 66,000… that’s a whole order of magnitude above the Dust and Sound. For comparison, that’s pretty much the capacity of your average football stadium (both american and association). If you’ve ever been to a football stadium, that’s quite a lot of seats.
    • Yet Another Boss Health Bar, despite being the one I’ve put the least time and effort in until recently, has a whopping 100,000 downloads! That’s a big number, equivalent to capacity of Melbourne Cricket Ground (which is huge). Over 4 release periods, at an optimistic estimate of 20,000 users assuming people aren’t uninstalling and redownloading between releases, that means if you gathered everyone together that downloaded and used it in one place, you get a crowd the size of 2015’s South Tyneside Festival. Which about is 0.22% of all Terraria owners on steam (thanks SteamSpy).
    So I thought I'd say: thanks guys.

    Oh, and regarding future stuff, I'll probably be winding down soon as the new term starts, but I have a couple of things I want to do before then. An update for WeaponOut.

    And if I have still have time (no promises), a proper version of a conceptualised boss from a while back.
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    If you were to ask me (and probably everyone else who downloaded and played your mods) then those downloads and the attention they have been given (and are still getting) are more than deserved. They add an interesting and fun aspect to Terraria that (as far as I know) have not been (properly)explored before.
    I guess you could say you're on one of those 'frontrunning frontiers', where you discover new places for others to follow. So props and cudos to you.
    Also thanks for the fun facts :)

    I really like the looks of that little spoiler. Makes the gamer in me giddy!
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    Running around on a boss? YEEEEEEEEEEEEES