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    v1.6.3, for tModLoader v0.10.1.3
    Mod Status: Minor Update in the works (slowly)

    Terraria Mod Wiki

    What Is it?
    A collection of features built around weapons and accessories. A lot of these are basically gimmicky systems that do cool stuff.

    * Hide/Show weapons being held with inventory icon (top left).
    * Temporary spawn point tents! Silk + Wood.
    * Whips! Deals crits when hitting at the tip.
    * Fists! Dash at enemies to deliver devastating combos.
    * Dual-use Weapons! Right-click for secondary weapon abilities.
    * More shields! Obtainable early, with situational uses.
    * Team-centric items for buffing, and restoring mana.
    * Endgame powerup accessories! Make low tier weapons lunar.
    * Custom config file, if you want to toggle the above features.

    @Gameraiders101 made a video about the fist-based monk class!

    @quickseed40 made a video showcasing an older version!

    I think a few youtubers use this in their modded playthrough which is super cool! Let me know - I'll watch it (hi Fury).


    But wait, there's more!*
    *you can pick and choose to disable them in \Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Configs\WeaponOut.json


    This mod is basically a collection of lots of random features. Some for utility, others just for fun. Every item is listed with a [main component], or [NPC]. For items, ask the Guide for more details, and for NPCs, it'll be in their shop once certain conditions are met, eg. downing a boss.

    Fist playstyle​

    . . .​

    This stuff will eventually get replaced by the wiki. Then I'll clear this section out.
    Items marked (DW) can be enabled/disabled via enable_dual_weapons.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Camping Tent: Acts as a temporary spawn point that takes priority over beds, without the need to build a room for it.
    Rally Banners: Team buffing item that provides major stat bonuses as long as it's held. Comes in all your favourite colours. (only if they're the above 4...)

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Voodoo Arm : Causes items to autoswing. No more finger cramps!

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Spark Shovel (DW): Relatively early game pickaxe that doubles up as a magic weapon with alt-fire.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Mana Wand: Fires a star that returns mana.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Capacitor (DW): Mana cost reducing sword that can alt-fire magic frost beams.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Immaterial Blade: Stronger phaseblade with very low knockback but high armour penetration.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Demon Blaster: Fires delayed laser shots.
    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Onsoku: Dashes in a direction instead of swinging. Resets after touching the ground.
    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Hayauchi: Standing still charges a single large slash with increased damage and crit.
    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Raiden: Slashes like the Arkhalis. Standing still charges a special attack that hits nearby enemies.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Steam Persuader (DW): Stronger clockwork assault rifle, alt-fire to fire a shotgun burst instead.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Double Loader (DW): Shroomite gun that can fire bullets or darts with alt-fire.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    All-Porpoise Assault Rifle: Vortex Beater tier rifle totally not inspired by a Pulse Rifle from a certain Blizzard game... Alt-fire to launch rockets.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Woods' Antimat Rifle: Amped up sniper rifle that allows bullets to travel through walls. Dedicated to a friend.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Splinter Shot: Special bullet type that splits into 3 weaker shots after a short distance.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Shattered Crystals: Splits apart after travelling a short distance, but shatters into many shards.

    . . .​

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Mana Sword (DW): Fires mana blast projectiles and a large mana-consuming laser with alt-fire.
    [​IMG] [[​IMG] ]
    Staff of Explosion: Makes a big explosion. If you think that's big, think bigger. But not that big.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Reverb (DW): Fires a magic wave. Alt-fire to fire the wave in reverse.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Psywave: Releases a steady stream of damaging orbs that move with the caster.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG] ]
    Channeler's Staff: Restores mana and buffs magic damage for a team member.

    Whips are special melee weapons that function in a way similar to spears. However, they come out faster, hit further, and apply crits when striking with the tip of the whip to make up for their lower base damage.

    . . .​

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Leather Whip
    : Simple corruption whip made from leather. Better crit damage.
    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Whiplash: Simple crimson whip made from vertebrae. Better knockback.

    [​IMG],[​IMG],[​IMG],[​IMG], [​IMG]
    [[​IMG]] [[​IMG]] [[​IMG]] [[​IMG]] [[​IMG]]
    More Whips at various tiers!

    Puzzling Cutter: Super short sword-whip. Swings fast.
    See WeaponOut 1.5 Post
    Fist weapons are partially incompatible with Terraria Overhaul due to it removing player invincibility. Also does work with Dual Wielding, but anything equipped in the off-hand probably won't fire its projectile properly.

    (The following information is from 1.3)

    Fist weapons are designed first and foremost to help when engaging enemies in close range, and turn the player into a weapon. Attacking grants players with collision damage and invincibility, and successful hits will cause the player to bounce along at the same speed as the enemy, to allow them to easily chain hits together to build combo power.
    Additionally, fists have access to a moveset:
    Attack + Down (grounded) or Up (airborne) = Rising uppercut.
    Attack + Down (airborne) - Fast falling stomp.

    . . .​

    Combo Fists: Based around the combo feature, finishing a combo grants temporary access to an alt-fire effect.

    Parry Fists: Alt-fire to perform a parry animation, during which one attack will be blocked and instead grant a special bonus effect for that weapon.

    Dashing Fists: Alt-fire causes the character to dash with these fist weapons. Used to close the gap or evade attacks quickly.
    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Round Shield: Grants 1 defence and provides knockback immunity for up to 10 damage hits.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Ceratopsian Shield: Grants increased defence, knockback immunity and thorns effect when facing attacks.

    [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Mirror Badge: Reflects non-melee projectiles once every 1.5 seconds.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [[​IMG]]
    Discordant Charm/Shades: Uses the Rod of Discord instead of a grappling hook as long as you wouldn't take damage from it. Can be equipped in the head slot, vanity head slot, or accessory slot.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]]
    Lunar Emblems
    Powerful end-game emblems crafted from Moonlord weapons. Make almost* any weapon as viable as Moonlord's gear!


    Got some suggestions? I have a Discord server for this now! Or just PM me.


    via GitHub
    via Mod Browser

    Flashkirby99 - I am making this mod.
    kiedev666 - Playtesting and ideas.
    @Gouvod - 汉语翻译
    @Gosh Bosh - Переведено на русский.
    Eli10293 - Updated Sprites for: Mana Blast, Mana Sword, Molten Chains
    goldenapple - "Modder's Guide to Config Files"
    Folks on the discord server - Suggestions, bug testing and all-round support. You guys rock.

    Bugs? Suggestions? Balancing? Fire away!
    Discord Server

    I don't ask for donations, but I appreciate it them as much as anyone else.

    Visit the Github Repository here!
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  2. KingSora

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    Such a small mod but yet make terraia looks so much cooler! Love this mod dude great job :D
  3. Eli10293

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    You mind if I redo a couple of sprites?
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    Cool mod with nice sprites. I got nothing more to say right now, shame really...
  5. KingSora

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    I feel the weapon placement on your player is a Now don't get me wrong I wouldn't change my first comment because this is a really good mod with a great future but like what SkullRay said, there is really nothing more to say right now.

    P.S. the Hayauchi is awesome to me :p
  6. four plus four

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    Actually, part of what I said had to do with me not thinking of more to say at the time, and me not having much time to say said thing.
  7. KingSora

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    Oh really? My bad dude :p Well in that case I feel like the mods needs a bit of a fix up but exclude that part with me agreeing with SkullRay...We are on different pages here :p
  8. tankedup13

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    seems good, a new fresh idea with really good sprites too.
  9. EchoDuck

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    This mod is awesome
  10. Jofairden

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    This is a cool mod, I like it! :)
  11. Spoopyro

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    Dude, if you could make it so you could dye weapons I will love you with all the homo I have.
  12. Flashkirby99

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    Thanks for feedback so far guys!

    What's up? PM me or something.

    Weapon placements are probably off, especially the small ones (still tweaking those). Got any examples/suggestions?

    o_O ...Well anyway not too sure on this one - I think one of the developers mentioned this didn't as they had hoped when they tried it? If someone could get the reference I swear I read it somewhere (may have been a twitter post). Anyway I could potentially get dyes working when sheathed, probably not when swinging. Also on a side note searching for it brought me to this thread which I found amusing :)
  13. KingSora

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    Well it's mostly the yoyos since they seem to at times get very large or go a little wonky while being held and the big weapon should be moved a little bit to the southwest of the player but really other then that everything else is great :D
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  14. Mechantera

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    There are a couple of problems with items that are animated (sometimes). For example, Thorium's new yoyo, the Sick Throw, when held out with this mod enabled, shows it's whole spritesheet instead of, say, just the first frame or an animated version of it. I don't know if this is a mod-only thing or if it happens with vanilla, I only tested a bit. But so far, really, really loving this mod. It's super neat!
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  15. Guru-Jr

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    How do you hide your accessory slot?
  16. Rancor

    Rancor Official Terrarian

    Press the little eye icon next to your accessory slot.
  17. Flashkirby99

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    Updated to include (hopefully, need more test cases) animated weapons, better hold support for small in-hand weapons, and also a laying some groundwork for right clicking weapons that change stats on the fly. Again if there's any major conflicts or issues, especially with other mods do let me know so I can try to fix.
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  18. Xiro

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    Would this work with weapons from other mods, or no?
  19. Flashkirby99

    Flashkirby99 Skeletron

    The way its coded means the item doesn't matter if its modded or not, hopefully. It definitely works with the Thorium Mod, I know that much.

    EDIT: However the Shield Out doesn't work with the Thorium mod because they've made their shields using non-standard values (don't use item.defense for some reason).
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  20. Mechantera

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    Is it possible to make WeaponOut and ShieldOut separate mods? I really like the ability to see my weapons and the weapons you added are really nice, but I don't like ShieldOut since some of the mods I have make it look like I have a shield-:red2: when on low durability. It's just not good for my OC xD
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