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tModLoader Metroid Mod

An update as to my experience with the mod, I've been playing it for about 3 hours straight by now, and heres my progress:
surrounded by desert and crimson, no caves nearby
go to desert, find chozo ruin and kill torizo
make power beam
start digging helevator only to realize this is gonna take a year and explore the desert side, find a cave in there
get morph ball something i already had
explore cave system a bit more, find jungle
kill hornets and spores, get poisonous morph ball bombs
find spider ball, unequip sandstorm and flyign carpet because its more fun using the power grip and the metroid items i got
i have no armor thus fara nd i dont think i'll have it soon because holy hell the armor is expensive


Okay so, the immediate change I notice was a boost in fire rate when using the charge feature.

Firing off quick charged shots deals 1.5x more damage while having it fully charged deals 3x as described. An absolutely welcome change in my book.

Still have yet to tackle most of the new content but it'll be worth it.
it turns out you can actually blow torizo's head off, i didnt know that. that is such a cool detail


more things to point out.

The new update brings its own damage class (Hunter).

This applies to the power beam, missile launcher and morph ball bombs, to which that equips boosting ranged damage can't affect them.
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decided to make a samus aran gunship, yes i have cheat sheet on but its on only for the building. ill make the inside tomorrow because for today ill rest

the building is based off the gunship in this video


I've been playing single player and multiplayer with a friend and discovered a glitch with grapple beam, If you're grappled to a platform hold up and jump you fly off screen and you can't use any items or anything. This is something that should really be looked into but I will comment on other things like balancing and multiplayer stuff as well. Thanks for making this awesome mod btw, it's easily one of the best I have seen, you guys are an awesome team.


Can confirm the glitch that noved mention. Happened to me to.
Otherwise, this mod is great. You can really tell a lot of love went into it


so, another neat lil trick I found with sense move.

Charge up the arm cannon, then perform sense move in the direction at an enemy and it seemingly does a lot of damage from ramming into them. (From testing it on a dummy, it did at least around 500+ dmg) so it definitely got buffed.

Though, I kinda wish you can keybind it, as double tapping it feels awkward to use and can only be performed on the ground.


I actually have created this account just for this forum, lol, but I'm going to mention a majority of the things I've noticed through out my single player and multiplayer playthrough that will mostly be opinionated so take it as you will. (Both playthroughs are still pre-hardmode currently)

Single Player - There's actually not a lot to talk about here but as mentioned balance changes.

X-ray Scope - In my opinion, X ray seems pretty overpowered, I'd suggest Instead of covering a majority of the screen with light, instead only light up a small ray, very much like Super Metroids x ray scope worked and have it follow the mouse as it already does, simple stuff.

Missiles - They are extremely powerful especially with a missile station nearby; this could easily make getting every expansion obsolete. My suggestion to help this issue is to give missile stations a 6 minute cool down, so you can't use one again until the time is up.
Also the missile pick ups are a nice touch, however when your inventory is full you can't get anymore pick ups, it's just a small nitpick to me but adjusting how they work would be great.

Morph Ball Bombs - I love how you can bomb jump just like in the Metroid games but the bombs feel pretty weak as weapons themselves, I just opt to get out of morph form to deal with an enemy, but this could be your intention I'm not sure. Just simply buff morph ball bombs and give them extra damage where it's needed.

Recipe - For the Spider Ball you need either 8 Palladium / Cobalt bars, Emerald and 5 Spider fangs. But why when you can already find spider ball from chozo statues already? I recommend changing the recipe to pre-hardmode materials.

Chozo Ghost Npc - I like the idea and design of this npc but what it sells simply lacks, all he sells is a single boss spawner which will quickly make this npc obsolete unless you need extra ores from the boss. I'm sure there will be more items to be sold from this npc in the future but for now it's quite stale.

Torizo - It's way too easy to cheese this boss, and this on it's own could make fighting king slime / eoc almost a joke once you have the power beam from crafting it. There's not a whole lot you can do honestly but at least adjust his jump so depending on your height he will be able to reach you, as at the moment you can just build platforms above him and he'll never touch you.

Serris - This boss feels really unfinished. Maybe that's how it is in Metroid Fusion but it just feels too easy. I don't know how you would edit this boss fight in anyway but giving it more challenge would be a great idea.

Multiplayer - So it was stated that enemies and bosses have wonky behavior in multiplayer but so do items that are placed like Missile expansions and the chozo statues itself. If you try to break it normally / right click it you won't even receive the item which was a massive pain when we went to the ruins and got nothing out of it aside from the carpet and sandstorm. If there's anything in multiplayer that needs to be fixed it's this.

Bosses not spawning - When we tried to summon the only 2 bosses from this mod in pre-hardmode we had issues, Torizo would sometimes not even spawn even though we used a summon. And the first time we tried to fight Serris it just went off screen and despawned, wasting a summon.

Grapple Beam ?? - I said this on my last post about this glitch where you grapple a platform, hold up and jump. Please fix this when you can, I want to be able to use my grapple without worrying about being zapped into space.

My own personal ideas - These are purely my own suggestions and stuff I'd absolutely love to see in this mod if it isn't planned already.

Adventure Maps - It's no surprise that people are going to want to make adventure maps using this mod and I'm one of those people. If you were able to craft bomb blocks, speed booster blocks, screw attack blocks, maybe even beam doors and most things that are in the metroid titles.

More Naturally Generated World Structures - The Chozo Ruins is a great start, but I would love to see more areas like this, it doesn't even have to be special or anything but considering the huge boss gap between Torizo and Serris maybe once the player obtains missile they can access a certain building by breaking open a red hatch there, just like progression in the metroid games!

That's all I have for now but I will update much later when I have more info / ideas. Once again thank you for making this awesome mod!
Also add Crocomire as a boss thanks XD

Lux Hikari

Chozo Ghost Npc - I like the idea and design of this npc but what it sells simply lacks, all he sells is a single boss spawner which will quickly make this npc obsolete unless you need extra ores from the boss. I'm sure there will be more items to be sold from this npc in the future but for now it's quite stale.
I'm actually just past Wall of Flesh, and can say that the ghost at least starts selling the Arm Cannons and Power Suit.

Adventure Maps - It's no surprise that people are going to want to make adventure maps using this mod and I'm one of those people. If you were able to craft bomb blocks, speed booster blocks, screw attack blocks, maybe even beam doors and most things that are in the metroid titles.
There's at least more Metroid hatches than the blue ones (green, yellow and red specifically), if that's what you meant. There's also Crumble Blocks and Grip Ledges, though I haven't actually done anything with them yet.


So far so good. The missile options are all a lot of fun. Contrary to what someone else here wrote, the armors are not expensice at all. If youre lacking the first ore, just keep making new small worlds and go to the desert and kill the boss for more. once you have a couple missile capacity upgrades you can just nuke it in no time.

But what the first post is SEVERELY lacking is an explanation of all the bosses and mechanics. For exmaple, even though I have the Nova drill i couldnt mine Phazon. I figured ill need to kill one of the bosses first or make a new gear set? Not sure, at some point i was able to mine it.


I was just fighting the Omega pirate and I think its super glithcy or broken.

I was nuking its armor in no time and then it goes into this other glowing form. I was able to hit it once with an attack, dealing around 5k damage. Since then it was always going from losing its armor, to turning blue, to growing back the armor. I was unable to deal ANY damage at all, besides blowing off his armor again. I actually had to admin kill it then. I tried everything the mod offers, missiles, different types, different beams, power bombs. Nothing stopped it from instantly growing back the armor.

edit: I just fought it a second time and this time around I was able to damage it just fine. it would attempt an attack in its glowing form before I nuked it with 3k damage and it teleported away, rinse repeat. It only grew back the armor once and even then I was able to just blow it off again and keep damaging it.


So I just beat the game I guess (most of it in normal mode though. i hate how expert just cranks up contact damage and you have to run or fly around over the whole map to actually beat bosses). Notable mods I used:

- this one
- thorium
- qol like recipe browser
- lots of others which i didnt even get to use really, like the less grinding one, luiafk, boss expertise, but no other content mods.

The entire mod definitely feels like Super Metroid. Its so much fun blasting mobs with a beam or missiles. The speed booster is fun too. The morph ball seemed hard to use at first, but with enough resitances against the terrain, digging with the morph ball was awesome, as a single block is enough to fit through. I havent tested all the missile addons yet.

I worked my way up from normal missiles, to super missiles to the piercing insanely fast gatling missiles. This was the first OP weapon Id say. At least for bosses like the Destroyer. Though all piercing weapon are kinda OP against it. The next big step up was the Diffusion Missile. This was so much fun to use, but also VERY powerful at this point in the game. I basically beat every and all bosses with the Diffusion Missile until Moonlord. My armor I kept up to date. I fought the Moonlord then in Phazon Armor using a Charge Beam V2 with the 4 elemental addons from the Fragements (Solar, Nebula, etc). This was the first weapon that was better than the Diffusion Missile. With this and some Nurse action i was able to beat the Moonlord.

Then I made the Hyper Beam. It feels incredible, just like when you get it vs Mother Brain in Super Metroid. With this I beat the last boss of Thorium, the Primordials.

But the best part about this mod: THE POWER BOMB. O.M.G. so satisfying to use. So easy to loot everything and kill everything on screen. I got some mob spawn up potions from another mod (or you could use the cheat menue to increase spawns) and farming for souls is so easy. No need for a stupid mob grinder under the ocean anymore. Go into biome, crank up spwans, power bomb them, done.

Overall Id rate this mod a 9.5/10.

Negatives: I did run into the bug with the Omega Pirates I guess. While the Missiles ARE a little powerful for their stage in the game, I wouldnt want it any other way. If I wanted a slog through the game with boring weapons Id play vanilla minecraft. The Speed Booster is awesome, lots of speed. Its deifnitely needed though, because the mount slot is taken by the Morph Ball already.

Mod compatibility:
I didnt run into any problems whatsoever, except for the Leveled Mod. This mod pushed the difficulty insanely high. Eater of worls at lvl 16 had 170k HP. Without the mod only 7k HP. And since the Metroid weapons have their own type, the mod doesnt affect it anyways, so I would definitely NOT recommend the leveld mod with this.

I didnt test it with Calamity yet. Calamity is notorious for having OP weapons itself, but Id imagine the mod would fit right in. Maybe on the weaker end of the spectrum since for Calamity you basically need a new weapon for every boss so you can somehow cheese them, since they all just have insanely high stats and speed.


Empress of Light
I've been playing the mod for a good solid while now, and it's been a joy. At first I just screwed around with all the items with a cheat mod, but I've since started a full-on playthrough, in which I'm currently just after the Eater of Worlds and just finished the base Power Suit.
I've used a lot of hatches in my building because they're so fun, but unfortunately they don't seem to count as a door when they're open. An additional nitpick would be how small the area in which you can right-click to close a hatch is, but that's really just a nitpick.
However, I do have a bug to report; if you place a Power Beam onto an item frame, any and all beam upgrades within it get deleted. Thankfully I didn't have too much of importance in there at the time, but still.
Amazing work, I'm loving every second of this mod's content.


Been having a great time with the mod so far even though I'm only in early game (no powersuit yet), though in my opinion the morph ball drill could use some changes, as even the basic one is way faster than any pickaxe you can get at that point. Found a bug with it as well, it can destroy demon/crimson altars even in pre-hardmode.

Edit: Found another bug, attempting to morph while grappled (with a hook, haven't tested the beam) will fail to morph you properly, breaking the morph ball entirely until a relog.
Edit2: I had the demolitionist spawn in and live in a completely dark underground house in the jungle because a chozo statue generated in it, and those count as chairs? Funny but also in this case confusing.
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I've Been having a great time with the mod so far, but Serris doesn't seem to work right on TML64 for some reason. Using the bait either turns the screen black and crashes, crashes and corrupts the screen, or works just fine. This happens even when it's the only mod installed.


okay so, theres this one weird glitch I encountered where Kraid didn't seem to despawn after I had died. When I got back to the spot, his head was just floating up, missing a body and everything.
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