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Mimic Lava Walking

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Ever hear a clink-clink-clink sound while in hell? That's the sound of a shadow mimic getting confused and dying. Ever hear a clink-clink-clink sound in the caverns? I'm sure you can guess what that is. Mimics spawn and fall in lava alot, and it's not engaging for the player in the slightest, and gives them free loot. So, I propose they walk on lava like it's normal ground, so that they don't fall in.

TLDR: Mimics walk on lava to avoid random mimic death
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Mushy Boi

It can also make the player not get any loot by dieing in a deep pit of lava in hell and thus, not being seen.

Cinnamon Gum

The Destroyer
Or maybe all Mimics can leap up into the air like Hallowed Mimics (and maybe Shadow Mimics too, never found one) while in lava.
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