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Ice Queen
This is basically just a bunch of things i thought of while playing the game that i thought could be improved. Some of them are me pointing out current game mechanics i don't like, and some are suggestions for new things to be added or changed.

When you're using an item, like say swinging a pickaxe, and you scroll to another slot(either with the scroll wheel or number keys) you continue using the previous item if you keep clicking, so in combat situations where you need to quickly switch to a weapon you have to switch, then wait for the current animation to finish, then it will switch to the other item. Instead, once you scroll to a different slot, it will immediately switch to that slot once the current use animation has finished, even if you keep clicking.

You can't use mounts with reversed gravity

Medusa should spawn in pre-hardmode, but being stoned shouldn't increase fall damage

You should always swing your sword in the direction of the cursor, for example if the cursor is to the right of the player, you swing to the right, if it's to the left, you swing to the left. This would allow people to attack while running away from enemies with all swords.

You should be able to open the inventory/menu while waiting to respawn

Respawning shouldn't take longer than 10 seconds in singleplayer, regardless of difficulty. Sitting around staring at your death scene does not make the game more difficult in any way, it just makes it more annoying.

The teleportation hook should instantly teleport the hook to the targeted location and then pull the player towards it instantly, instead of having the hook move normally and then the player teleport. Basically, it should act like a grappling hook with infinite hook speed(hitscan). Either that, or add another hook that does this.

Fossils are annoying to mine now because it sometimes mines more than one at once and each one isn't guaranteed to drop anything. Also, the armor itself is not worth the danger of the underground desert. Also throwing should have been merged with melee instead of ranged.

Fossil armor should be buffed back to the level it was at previously, require a gold or maybe nightmare pickaxe to mine, and should be melee instead of ranged, as mentioned above. It is currently garbage.

The rolling cactuses and antlion larvae should be nerfed and/or made less common, as they discourage visiting the desert, which, along with the low amount of usefulness of the biome, greatly discourage people from exploring it.

The martain saucer beam should ABSOLUTELY NOT go through blocks. Martian madness as a whole is already too difficult and annoying, and should be nerfed.

You shouldn't have to stockpile defender medals just to have a chance at each upgraded version of the event. Instead, you should be able to trade in weaker staffs for ones at the current power level available. Also, creative shock should not prevent you from mining things like flowers. It's not like the event enemies can't go through blocks anyway.
Also also, either betsy or the entire third level of the event as a whole should be massively nerfed, it's almost impossible to beat it until you have post moonlord items, by which point the drops you get are useless.

The moonlord's laser shouldn't go through blocks, and his forehead eye shouldn't open as much as it does. Basically, it should be reverted to it's 1.3 mechanics. The new fight is way too fast and easy, and is not very exciting for being the final boss.

The gravity globe should drop from the wall of flesh in addition to its current drops rather than from the moonlord. No one uses it right now.

The lunatic cultist shouls not constantly try to get above you, as it makes you chase him to get close enough to attack, which usually ends up with you in space because you both keep going upwards. Instead, he should try to stay a certain distance above ground, rather than above the player.

When reforging, the last reforge you got should have it's chance of being reselected reduced. For every reforge you do without getting it, the chance of getting it would go back up slightly, until it's back to normal. Basically, you have a lower chance to get reforges you've gotten recently. Also, instead of showing each tooltip of each reforge and making it difficult to see what the latest one is, it should only show the tooltip of the most recent one.

There should be an option to make your health display above your head, like drowning bubbles.

The boss health bar should show the exact amount of hp the boss has.

Your mount should have infinite flight if you do.

Smart cursor should not destroy background objects like logs when palcing plants like pumpkins. Also, those background objects should ideally be craftable or otherwise obtainable in some way.

You should respawn with full health.

The old one's army should stop spawning mobs after enough ahev spawned to progress to the next wave so you don't have to spend the entire time until the next wave cleaning out the remaining enemies. There should also be an option to skip the timer if you want to.

Selenian's reflected projectile damage should be capped at 200(in all difficulties) as it's incredibly unfair and can oneshot you.

You should be able to jump for a split second after stepping off the edge of a block, i.e "coyote time". It's very annoying to use your cloud in a bottle instead of a normal jump when jumping while going down a hill.

You should be able to block swap blocks next to/under lava and sand, that's literally the exact type of situation you would want to use it.

Fruits should be way more common, you can get like 3 stacks of wood before getting 5 of one type

You should be able to equip water/peace candles in accessory slots

I'll update this periodically as i come up with new ideas.
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