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Would it be possible to make the Karma Staff count as a sentry for the purposes of accessories like the Apprentice's Scarf etc? As it is right now I can only have one out regardless of my max sentries.
Having some issues with your mod lately:
On one machine (linux), terraria, tModLoader and 1.6.5 miscellania - works perfectly.
On another machine (win7), using the same versions cause the following exception on mod load:
Enjoying most of the items your mod adds, but just tried out the item vacuum, it just doesn't activate at all when I switch to multiplayer. Autofisher thankfully still works fine, but without the item vacuum, its not as good.
Enjoying most of the items your mod adds, but just tried out the item vacuum, it just doesn't activate at all when I switch to multiplayer. Autofisher thankfully still works fine, but without the item vacuum, its not as good.
there are other mods that implement magnets or vacuums
Hello, it's maybe a noob question (i'm pretty new about terraria modding) , but do you think your mod is compatible with Thorium mod ?

Anyway it's really interesting, i'm looking forward for the item vaccum (i'm an adept of automation in this kind of game ^^).

Sorry for my english.

Edit : So like i've see IG (and read in some comments) item vac' didn't work in MP :x

Beside that , it's ok for Thorium, good job ^^
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Hey just letting you know when generating a large world with lots of mod enabled Ancient forges were causing a CTD, managed to generate a world by disabling them in the config


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I have an announcement to make.

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been active in the Terraria modding community at all in the past few months. There was a lack of updates, no new features, and I haven't been checking the forums that much. There's a few reasons for this, but to make a long story short - I'm not interested in modding Terraria anymore. I've been doing this for a long time, since 2015 (when I was 14 years old). I had a good time - I learned a lot about programming, maintaining projects, etc. - but I feel like it's time for me to move on.

This is why I'm stepping down from modding Terraria. I will no longer update my mods or add any new content. If someone wants to take over my projects and maintain them, send me a PM and we can discuss it. The source code for my mods will remain available on my GitHub.
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However, I'd feel guilty if I just left my mods as-is. That's why some of my mods are getting a "final update" - I wanted to fix a few bugs, adopt new tModLoader features and clean up the code to make it easier for someone else to maintain.

Miscellania v1.7:
  • The mod now uses the new tModLoader's ModConfig system. This means that you can change the mod's settings in-game, either in the Mods menu or in the pause menu. tModLoader will also handle syncronysing the configs between servers and clients.
    • Removed Flashkirby's Mod Settings Configurator and Hamstar's Mod Helpers support, as that is now obsolete.
    • Your old JSON config file will be migrated automatically.
  • Renamed the Karma Staff to Skeletal Staff.
    • Adjusted damage and shooting rate.
    • The laser's collision detection is now a bit more polished.
  • The Wormhole Mirror & related items now work exactly the same way as vanilla Wormhole Potions (thanks to tModLoader's MonoMod support). Open the map and click on your teammate's head icon to teleport to them.
  • Renamed the Ancient Orb of Light to Orb of Ancient Light.
  • Fixed the Ancient Forges' emitting a green light instead of red/orange.
  • Fixed the /miscWorldGen command for Hellforges.
I've also updated my various Tweak Mods.
It seems, that after updating tModloader to 0.11.5 this mod broke. I firstly thought, that that's because of my modpack, but this seemed happening even when I disabled all other mids except Miscellania. That's sad, because I really liked items, that Miscellania adds, such as Autofisher, Baseball bat or ancient furnace. I know, that you quited terraria modding, but, possisbly, someone else should fix that problem then. Here's a screenshot of mod's loading error.


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I am having the exact same issue as TOMKA. Suddenly my Miscellania isn't working. I am getting the same issue and screen as TOMKA. I seriously hope this gets fixed!
Will someone at least be around to update the mod so it will work with new Tmod once 1.4 comes out. C'mon Golden. It'll be one update, and the last one you'll ever have to do.
I have PM'd GoldenApple to see if i can get maintainer rights on Miscellania and VanillaTweaks, how ever @TOMKA @Acryliks @Rusty34556 if i remember right this can be fixed by deleting the legacy config files in the mean time.

It caused by a file being where it wants to put the new migrated config.
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Here's a screenshot of mod's loading error.
uploaded a updated version of Vanilla Tweaks and Miscellania to the Mod Browser(might take a while to be processed)
If some still has trouble(didn't use my work around).
post your log, it is located at D:\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Logs\client.log on windows.
  • Fixed issues when migrating old config files.
  • Added Pop000100 to credits, thank you for your help.
  • Updated Chinese translation.
  • Rewrote some code to make it more compatible with newer versions of tML.
Are item vacuums ever going to work on Multiplayer? It's such a great addition to the game but not having it work in multiplayer is a bummer
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