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    Welcome to the Miscellania mod thread! It's a mod that adds a whole bunch of miscellaneous items that don't deserve their own mods. It's a constant work in progress, and I will make updates as I get new ideas.

    There is quite a bit of content, so I've split it into multiple categories.
    • [​IMG] Universal Magnet - sold by Goblin Tinkerer in Hardmode at night. Increases item pickup range by 20 tiles.
    • [​IMG] Magnetism Ring - Celestial Magnet + Gold Ring. Increases item, mana and coin pickup range.
    • [​IMG] Item Vacuum - picks up nearby items and puts them in a chest below.
      • Sold by the Steampunker.
      • Can be set to "Smart Stack" mode via right-click. Smart Stack only puts items when they are already present in the chest (works the same as Quick Stack pretty much).
    • [​IMG] Autofisher - Mechanic's Rod + Iron/Lead Bars + Wire. It automatically fishes, how neat is that?
      • Requires Bait to be placed in adjacent chest. It consumes bait and operates exactly the same way as a player would (equipped with Mechanic's Rod and no accessories or potions).
      • The Mechanic's Rod is now sold 3x as often to make it easier to craft.
      • It is not compatible with other fishing mods, unless they themselves provide mod integration.
    • [​IMG] Rod of Warping - a post-Lunar upgrade for the Rod of Discord, requires Luminite and Lunar Fragments. Chaos State lasts for just 1 second and takes 1/20th of your HP instead of 1/7th.
      • The duration of Chaos State is configurable, you can set it to 0 if you want.
    • [​IMG] Wormhole Mirror - endless Wormhole Potion for multiplayer.
    • [​IMG] [​IMG] Wormhole Recall/Ice Mirror.
      • Note that their in-game sprites actually fade between the standard glass and the blue Recall glass every few seconds.
    • [​IMG] Network Cell Phone with Wormhole functionality.
      • Has two recipes:
        • Normal Cell Phone + Wormhole Mirror
        • PDA + Wormhole Recall/Ice Mirror
      • [​IMG] The regular Cell Phone has a new sprite; can be disabled in the config.
    • [​IMG] Reinforced Vest - sold by Demolitionist in Hardmode. Armor item that protects you from your own explosives (grenades, bombs, rockets, everything).
    • [​IMG] Reinforced Horseshoe - Reinforced Vest + Obsidian Horseshoe.
    • [​IMG] Emblem of Death - a consumable item that teleports you to your last death position. Reduces your maximum HP in half for a few minutes after use (debuff lasts longer in Expert Mode).
    • [​IMG] Ancient Orb of Light - Hardmode upgrade for the Shadow Orb.
      • Also a throwback to the pre-1.2 Orb of Light
    • [​IMG] Ancient Muramasa - a rare drop from pre-Hardmode Dungeon monsters. Gives off light just like the pre-1.2 Muramasa, but the stats are the same as the current version. Based on my old suggestion.
    • [​IMG] Demon Crown - a rare drop from Demons in Hardmode. Boosts your magical abilities and summons a Red Crystal to protect you.
    • [​IMG] (normal) Ninja Gear - Tabi + Black Belt. Based on my old suggestion. If you want to, you can add Tiger Climbing Gear to this accessory to get Master Ninja Gear.
    • [​IMG] Spear of Justice - mech-tier magic weapon. Rapidly throws piercing magical spears which also spawn mini-spears upon hitting an enemy.
    • [​IMG] Spear of Undying Justice - Spear of Justice + Spectre Bars. Direct upgrade.
    • [​IMG] Karma Staff - mech-tier summoner weapon. Summons a [​IMG]Blaster sentry minion.
      • (Yes, I know there are a few mods that have this already and it's cliche. But I promised I'd add this.)
    • [​IMG] Heart Locket - Panic Necklace + Cross Necklace.
    • [​IMG] Inert Stone - sold by the Wizard after defeating any mechanical boss. Crafting material.
    • [​IMG] Life Stone and [​IMG] Mana Stone - heal HP/MP. Turn into Inert Stones after a certain amount of uses.
    • Alternative Gem Staves. Now all 6 gems can be crafted into two different staves, depending on which metal ores you have in your world. Also, vanilla Gem Stave stats are slightly adjusted.
    Decorations & Vanity
    • [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] A bunch of Strange Dyes, including Relfective Hardmode ore dyes and some others.
    • [​IMG] Ancient Forge and [​IMG] Ancient Hellforge - can be found either in Underground Cabins or in Hell Ruins. Work just like regular Furnaces/Hellforges. (suggested by @Uncle_Slime)
    • [​IMG] Red Fireplace and [​IMG] Red Chimney - suggested by someone on Discord. I may have forgotten your name, but your legacy will live on.
    • [​IMG] Sandstone Slab Wall
    • [​IMG] Baseball Bats - rare enemies which sometimes spawn instead of regular Bats.
      • [​IMG] Baseball Bat - drop from Baseball Bats. Has insane knockback.
      • [​IMG] Baseball Cap - drop from Baseball Bats. Vanity.
    • [​IMG] God Stone - cheater item; restores 1000 HP and 500 MP without Potion Sickness. Unobtainable, obviously.
    Configs & World-gen
    Note: all the world-gen in this mod (currently just the Forges) can be added to already existing worlds using the /miscworldgen command!

    All the content in this mod can be enabled or disabled by the user. You can do this either by installing @Flashkirby99's Mod Settings Configurator, hamstar's Mod Helpers or by editing the options file manually.
    1. Download the mod and launch the game.
    2. Find the Terraria save folder (on Windows it's My Documents/My Games/Terraria).
    3. Go to Terraria/ModLoader/Mod Configs. Inside, you should see a file called Miscellania.json.
    4. Open it with any text editor.
    5. The file should look like this:
        "AltStaffs": true,
        "MagicStones": true,
        "GodStone": true,
        "DemonCrown": true,
        "HeartLocket": true,
        "Magnets": true,
        "NinjaGear": true,
        "ReinforcedVest": true,
        "AncientForges": true,
        "RedBrickFurniture": true,
        "AncientMuramasa": true,
        "GasterBlaster": true,
        "SpearofJustice": true
    6. Change the value that you need to either "false" (to disable the feature) or "true" (to enable it).
    7. Either re-launch the game or go to Terraria's Main Menu -> Mods -> Reload Mods.

    I'm open to suggestions, but I can't guarantee that I'll implement every single one of them. I will fix bugs when they are reported, though.

    Send me a PM if you're interested in translating the mod to other languages! So far it's available in English, Russian and Chinese.

    Mod Integration
    • Mod Browser
    • GitHub (all versions): link
    If you want to see the source code, you can find it on GitHub or extract the mod using tModLoader.

    Discord & Support

    Check out my Discord server. It's a place for mod suggestions, discussions, sneak peeks into new stuff I'm working on, and just hanging out in general.

    If you want to support the mod, consider adding this little logo into your signature:
    Known issues:
    • The Autofisher does not summon Duke Fishron. Yes, I want that to be a thing, I just didn't get around to it yet.
    • The Autofisher is not compatible with other fishing mods, unless they provide support for it themselves.
    • Item Vacuum & Autofisher might have issues with Multiplayer (please tell me whether you've had any problems or not).

    • @Zerokk for helping out with some sprites and maintaining the mod for a while.
    • Dierney for Chinese translation.
    • @Uncle_Slime for the Ancient Forges/Hellforges idea
    • @Pop000100 for helping with Mod Settings Configurator and a few other things
    • People with open-source mods which I've learned from (and copied a bit of code from)
    This mod is licensed under the MIT License, which means that this mod is open-source. Therefore, if I stop updating this mod and you want to do it yourself, feel free to do so! You can release your version to the public, as long as you credit me as the original author and don't change the license.
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  2. goldenapple

    goldenapple Steampunker

    None of the Ancient armor items from Terraria do that though. But I could increase the drop chance (right now it's 1 in 450, just like Ancient Necro Helmet). You're definitely right about not spending much time in the Dungeon.
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  3. goldenapple

    goldenapple Steampunker

    Miscelleania v0.1.1 is now released!
    • Increased Ancient Muramasa drop chance from 1 in 450 to 1 in 250
    • Now both .cs and .png files should be visible with tModReader
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  4. Greasy Hippo

    Greasy Hippo Terrarian

    I noticed a bug with the Universal Magnet. It works even when in the vanity slot of the Accessories Tab.
  5. goldenapple

    goldenapple Steampunker

    Oh. That's a dumb little mistake. Unfortunately I can't fix it today but tomorrow I'll release a quick update.
  6. goldenapple

    goldenapple Steampunker

    v0.2 is out!
    • Added the new and fancy Magic Spear! [​IMG] Because modders are not officially cool until they make a reference to something.
    • Fixed a bug where the magnetic accessories work even in vanity slots.
    I'd love to get some feedback about how balanced the Magic Spear is. It should hopefully be okay for a mech-tier weapon.
    Fun fact: I drew the sprite and coded that weapon about 2 weeks ago, but I didn't release it because I couldn't decide a recipe/drop for it.
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  7. Ashen75

    Ashen75 Plantera

    Undertale reference XD love it :)
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  8. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    I like this lil' mod so far.
    I'm trying to think of things that could fit into the miscellaneous category but I can't seem to find any.

    Any reference to any awesome game makes a game/mod look cool :)
    I dont say that any mod/game without references sucks (Super Mario Bros for example is great).
    I, myself, wanted to make a mod revolving around France with like Le Baguette Sword or Le Croissant Boomerang, stuff like that..
  9. goldenapple

    goldenapple Steampunker

    Thank you!
    Well, I personally just put stuff into this mod whenever I get an idea that a) doesn't fit into any of my other mods b) is too small for a separate mod.
    If you're talking about this:
    then that was a joke.:)
    Well, good luck with that!
  10. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    My thing wont be happening anytime soon since I only have the ideas and must learn the basics of coding things as well as make good-looking sprites. I don't want to depend on someone to do something which is why I want to do these things alone.

    AND SINCE THIS IS NOT MY MOD RIGHT HERE, I shouldn't be talking too much about it and let the others tell their opinions about the Mod.
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  11. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    I noticed that this mod is not udpated for TmodLoader which is a bummer

    Also it says you're using an old Accessory hook for the Magnetism Ring :
    Item MagnetismRing uses an old UpdateAccessory hook
       à Terraria.ModLoader.Mod.AddItem(String name, ModItem item, String texture)
       à Terraria.ModLoader.Mod.AutoloadItem(Type type)
       à Terraria.ModLoader.Mod.Autoload()
       à Terraria.ModLoader.ModLoader.do_Load(Object threadContext)
  12. goldenapple

    goldenapple Steampunker

    Oh. I didn't even know tML got updated. I'll update soon! (it looks like a super easy fix)
  13. goldenapple

    goldenapple Steampunker

    Released two little updates!
    • Renamed the mod from Miscellaenia to Miscellania (because apparently that's not how you spell "miscellaneous"-_-).
    • Updated for tModLoader v0.7.1.1
    • A lot of Magic Spear tweaks:
      • Reduced mana usage and increased throwing velocity.
      • The sound of the weapon is more "magical" and the dust is now "fancier".
      • Mini Spears now do much less damage, and it now depends on the prefix of the weapon/armor bonuses (before it was always 25 damage no matter what).
      • Mini Spears now have Bullet AI instead of Friendly Javelin AI.
    • Moved DropItems.cs and ShopItems.cs into one class, which should slightly decrease lag.
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  14. BattleDragon45

    BattleDragon45 Slime Collector

    can you add a gaster blaster summon?
  15. goldenapple

    goldenapple Steampunker

    Honestly probably not, I think one reference is enough.
  16. XternalGamer

    XternalGamer Terrarian

    A cool thing I think you could add would be a boss or two, one I had in mind would be a creeper mother, it would spawn after you kill so many creepers
  17. Andromeda9a

    Andromeda9a Terrarian

    Millicnia how do you code? Can you help meh
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 14, 2016, Original Post Date: Mar 14, 2016 ---
    I mean golden apple can you help me learn how to code
  18. goldenapple

    goldenapple Steampunker

    I uploaded the mod (as well as it's source code) on Github! This will make it easier for me to manage updates.
  19. tjrobison

    tjrobison Terrarian

    wheres the download link?
  20. goldenapple

    goldenapple Steampunker

    There should be a link to GoldensMisc.tmod in the post above.