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Mobile Mobile exclusive items

Discussion in 'Mobile General Talk' started by Imasheep, Jan 31, 2017.


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  1. Imasheep

    Imasheep Terrarian

    This is a thread to talk about Mobile exclusive items like the Shiny black slab (only found in the Android version of mobile terraria) What is your favorite exclusive item? (Mine is the Worm pet in the Worms 3 crossover event!)
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  2. Crooke

    Crooke Skeletron Prime

    I dunno, that Thanksgiving healing thingy? Because that is just extremely helpful in all kinds of ways.
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  3. Koala

    Koala Terrarian

    My favorite item is Pet Cupid cause it giving light. My least favorite mobile-console boss is the Ocram, the soul of blight can be easily skipped.
  4. Imasheep

    Imasheep Terrarian

    Ocram is on console.But it can be easily skipped because it's not on pc.And IDK how to get the pet Cupid? It sounds cool
  5. Turtles5221

    Turtles5221 Terrarian

    i think the hearts arrows are just a little too op because you can freeze and kill the dungeon guardian
  6. Koala

    Koala Terrarian

    I thought you're wrong, Ocram is mobile AND console exclusive content. Pet cupid can be get at valentine event by breaking any gems(topaz,ruby,sapphire,emerald,diamond,and not amber). Tips: You can get cupid easily by placing the gem and breaking it again and again. If you think I was a bit bad at explaining, remember to check the official wiki by searchi the word 'Broken Heart Crystal'.

    No, it not op actually since getting out the dungeon itself worth thousand of try XD.
  7. Imasheep

    Imasheep Terrarian

    I forgot Ocean is on mobile too! And thanks for the Broken Heart Crystal tip!
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    Ocram not Ocean XD. Autocorrect isn't doing me well lol!
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  8. Koala

    Koala Terrarian

  9. elDiablo

    elDiablo Terrarian

    there are mobile exclusive content?
  10. Chris6561

    Chris6561 Terrarian

  11. elDiablo

    elDiablo Terrarian

    a nice, I did not know
  12. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Skeletron Prime

    I really love the Horn O’ Plenty, since it’s so useful throughout the game. I used it from Skeletron all the way through Fishron and the mobile endgame.
  13. Narwhalla

    Narwhalla Eye of Cthulhu

    You can find drax in shadow chests :D