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    Hello Mobile Terrarians!

    We have another round of fixes for you. Both Google Play and iOS are now in the submission process and if all goes well there, will be out to you within a few days. Click the spoiler below for the complete list of fixes. On the Windows side, Windows 10 based devices should now work and devices with less than 1GB Ram are back (details below). For the Amazon version, we have added support for non-Amazon devices, but the same system requirements apply. You can expect the next round to bring Windows Phone and Amazon back into full alignment with the iOS and Google Play versions. Thanks as always for your patience and support!

    GOOGLE PLAY/iOS (In Submission)

    Fix - Incorrect ranged damage appears for the item 'Egg Cannon’.
    Fix - Incorrect item "Fancy Dishes" is obtained on destroying 'Fancy Dishes'.
    Fix - More than one Light Pets can be summoned at the same time.
    Fix - The item "Tattered fairy wings" fails to emit yellow light.
    Fix - Demon altar spawns in the dungeon.
    Fix - Water fails to flow when the player opens the door.
    Fix - Incorrect image appears for the 'Alchemy Station'.
    Fix - The Phoenix Blaster weapon can be auto-fire.
    Fix - The selling price of the item 'Arctic Diving Gear' appears to be incorrect.
    Fix - The player is teleported into golem temple before defeating plantera.
    Fix - Projectiles are fired from the item 'north pole' automatically when the game starts.
    Fix - Confetti Wall and Midnight Confetti Wall fails to function as intended.
    Fix - Pet mini minotaur fails to summon by using the item 'Tartar Sauce'
    Fix - Game crashes on using the item North Pole.
    Fix - Beenade works in PvP mode.
    Fix - Pets fail to summon on using following items.
    Fix - The item possessed hatchet fails to hover round the player's death point.
    Fix - The item "Jack 'O Lantern Launcher" flips downwards when it is pointed vertically 90 degrees upward.
    Fix - Player fails to use the potions placed in the inventory bar.
    Fix - Game name 'Terraria' appears to be misaligned in main menu.
    Fix - NPC guide named 'Andrew' fails to drop the item 'Green cap' upon death.
    Fix - The item "Horn 'o' Plenty" fails to function as intended.
    Fix - iOS - The game crashed upon opening the inventory (Note- upon rebooting, it was discovered that the cloud world was nowhere to be found.)
    Fix - Player fails to get 'Bait' as a reward while using any Crates.
    Fix - Player is unable to place 'Platinum Candle' over 'Table' and 'Work Benches’.
    Fix – A number of random Game Crash issues have been addressed with this update
    Fix - Game crashes as the Merchant icon appears inside the house.
    Fix - The player is unable to access the cloud characters and world.
    Fix - Game crashes on accessing mini map.
    Fix - NPC guide named 'Andrew' fails to drop the item 'Green cap' upon death.
    Fix - Text 'Yes' overlaps on the 'Auto Equip’ option.WINDOWS PHONE (Released last week)

    • Win10 based devices should now work
    • Support for devices with less than 1GB of RAM returned – HOWEVER, please note that stable performance cannot be guaranteed for these devices. We felt it was better to give you the chance to play a potentially unstable game rather than have no chance to play it at all.

    • Support for all Non-Amazon devices added – please note that you still must meet the minimum RAM (1GB) and OS (Ice Cream Sandwich OS 4.0.2 or above) requirements for your device to work.

    Remember, you can report mobile bugs here. You can also check out mobile FAQs or open a support ticket by visiting our Support Portal.
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  2. Unit One

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    This is great news, thanks so much 505!
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  3. Goosemaster

    Goosemaster Terrarian

    Well im waiting for see when you guys fix the games crash and closes! but i think what you guys are taking a good way
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  4. Dovydas

    Dovydas Skeletron Prime

    Wee need 1.3 though most phones could not handle it:D
  5. Goosemaster

    Goosemaster Terrarian

    yup so many cellphones will blow when they install the update
  6. Douglas Armour

    Douglas Armour Terrarian

    The game crashes when I access the inventory, please fix!
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  7. samufinland

    samufinland Terrarian

    Hey, the Andre fails to drop Green Cap text is written twice
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  8. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Fixed doubly good. :D
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  9. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

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  10. Miko

    Miko Terrarian

    I lost my cloud progress :'(
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  11. xXSwagzlordXx

    xXSwagzlordXx Steampunker

    I haven't touched the mobile version for a while so i hope this port of the game will improve also,first page
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  12. Mr.Crash

    Mr.Crash Terrarian

    so does this mean that mobile is fully caught up with the console version?
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  13. AntoGamer

    AntoGamer Terrarian

    Hi programmers mobile terraria, I think of a problem that when entering the inventory section to create any object just out imgen numbers and not the object. I can create at this time I have a lot of unblocked recipes and I can not create any object since when trying to create the hope game is closed and can solve this problem since I am not the only one who has grasias por your attention.
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  14. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    Your issue could be fixed in this patch. If it isn't I recommend you make a post in this section:
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  15. Patsku

    Patsku Terrarian

    Why when i try to craft something it always crashes
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  16. Mr.NiceGuy

    Mr.NiceGuy Terrarian

    Who here on mobile have gotten the alchemy station cause i cant get it
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  17. Evanforest62

    Evanforest62 Official Terrarian

    Nice, I really hope this new update will fix some of the problems that I encounter while I play. Hopefully all my pets will work and spawn as intended. :)
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  18. Pootin_cultist

    Pootin_cultist Terrarian

    AHAHAHA terraria is just 154+ mb :)
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  19. Kazzymodus

    Kazzymodus Lunatic Cultist

    Storage isn't the problem. Memory usage is.
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  20. Terra_master

    Terra_master Spazmatism

    I'm still waiting for a fix on Amazon where save files are corrupted and can't be opened.